What The Bible Says About…Protection

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What The Bible Says About…Protection

In such evil and perilous times, it’s important that we claim God’s promised protection over our lives. Say the following … Read More

The Fountain of Life

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HAVE YOU EVER felt drawn to a fountain? What about it caught your attention? Was it the way the water … Read More

Confession of God’s Word Builds Faith

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WHENEVER THE WORD “confession” is used, we instinctively think of confession of sin. But that is the negative side of the … Read More

Choosing Peace

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TYPICALLY WHEN MANY of us think of peace, we think of being comforted by the Holy Spirit during a time of … Read More

Celebrating the Birth of Our Savior!

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DECEMBER IS WHEN we focus on Christmas parties and family celebrations. But the most important celebration is the birth of our … Read More

A Mighty Army of Women – Kindle The Flame

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ENCOURAGING. AMAZING. ELECTRIFYING! These are words women used to describe Lynette Hagin’s 2017 Kindle the Flame Women’s Conference. Wives, mothers, and … Read More

Be Somebody’s Hero

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MOST CHRISTIANS are familiar with the parable of the Good Samaritan that is recorded in Luke chapter 10. It is the … Read More

2017: The Expansion Continues

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WHERE DOES GOD TAKE US? All over the world! Oklahoma is an unlikely place to start when reaching the uttermost parts … Read More

Carriers of the Glory

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IT’S IMPORTANT to understand God’s plan for the last days. If not, it can be easy to become anxious about world … Read More

Winning the Battle Within the Mind

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THE ENEMY is out to devour us and uses thoughts, ideas, and suggestions to accomplish his task. But our loving Heavenly … Read More