A True and Lasting Love

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Kenneth E. HaginMany Christians have a difficult time comprehending God as a Father who loves and cares for them. Believers … Read More

Rhema Around the World

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Rhema USA is the base for an expanding network of Rhema Bible Training College campuses. Currently, 282 campuses stretch across … Read More

Such As I Have, Give I Thee

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Rhema USA Sends Out Its 47th Graduating Class On Friday, May 14, 2021, 238 graduates of Rhema Bible Training College … Read More

The Last Word Wins

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Whether we realize it or not, words can be weapons. And most of us have found ourselves embroiled at some time … Read More

Tuning In to God’s Voice

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Do you have certain scriptures that you review continually? One that I read all the time is Jeremiah 29:11 (NLT): … Read More

You Decide

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Craig W. HaginMany people try God when nothing else works. They exhaust all their resources and then ask the Lord … Read More

Activating the Power

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Craig W. HaginNo matter what we’re going through, we have to remember that God’s power is greater than anything we’re … Read More

How to Handle Pressure

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In today’s uncertain times, many of us are under a lot of pressure. The way we react to that pressure … Read More