How to Believe for Healing

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TO ENJOY HEALING from God, we must first believe that when we pray, it is God’s will to heal all. … Read More

Healing by The Word

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GALATIANS 3:13 SAYS, “Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us.” We … Read More

What the Bible Says About…Healing

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SICKNESS IS NOT a blessing and it is not God’s will. God wants His people well! If you need healing, … Read More

Hear And Be Healed

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MATTHEW 9:35 SAYS that “Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching . . .” What did He teach? … Read More

Healing: It’s Your Right

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GOD’S WORD IS a never-failing remedy in every area of life, including health. As children of God, we are to … Read More

Three Steps to Healing

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Acts chapter 14 records the story of a crippled man whose destiny was changed when he encountered the Apostle Paul. … Read More

Rhema Student Healed of COVID

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“I Literally Went From Death to Life”When first-year student Michelle Coleman and her husband decided to attend Rhema in September … Read More

Your Day of Healing Is Here!

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In his Old Testament book, the prophet Malachi is looking down through time and describing what he sees. As he … Read More

Healing: A Forever-Settled Subject

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Kenneth W. HaginOne of the paramount questions believers ask today is not whether God is able to heal, but whether He is willing to … Read More

It’s Our Move

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Kenneth E. HaginThe Book of Luke records the story of a paralytic man whose four friends tried to bring him … Read More