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I believe God wants us to make a difference. Individually, one or two of us could make a little bit of a difference. But when we come together and bind together in unity and harmony, we can make a big difference! — Craig W. Hagin

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Your Gift to WPC Impacts the World

Your gift helps to pay for 70% of the cost to train a Rhema Student

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A Note From Our Leadership

Kenneth and Lynette Hagin  - Word Partner Club

Dear Friend,

Word Partners are vital members of the Rhema family. Through their prayers and financial support, they make it possible for us to reach across generations and nations to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and the message of faith in God. As we work together, people are being saved and set free in every corner of the earth. If you've been helped, strengthened, or blessed through this ministry, we encourage you to become an essential piece of what we do. Join the adventure, and make a difference today!

In Christ,
Kenneth & Lynette Hagin


I'm a Word Partner Club member. I have been since before I came to Rhema because of a Rhema grad in Peru. This grad . . . radically changed both my life and that of another brother who didn't know the Lord. Our destinies went from darkness to light, from hell to Heaven. And now we're both going to Rhema. Just that one grad changed that much. Just one guy! So I understand the impact, and for me, supporting Rhema is my priority in investment. I know that the wisest place to put my money is in an organization that actually produces change in the world. The Gospel, when it's properly presented and demonstrated, will change nations . . . will change the world. Rhema does that. The students . . . when they get going, there's no stopping them!

Jai, Canada // RBTC USA Graduate

What's in It for You?

Partnership is a two-way street. We're not just asking you to pray for and give to this ministry. We want to be a blessing to you as well. Not only do we commit to pray for you each day, but as a Rhema Word Partner you'll receive:

• Discounts on Faith Library Publications products
• Inspiring monthly mailings
• Special emails
• Unique product offers
• A Partner Services department dedicated to helping you
• Prayer lines available by telephone and Internet
• The satisfaction that comes from knowing you have made an eternal difference


Ways to Give

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Give by Text

Simply send a text message with keyword space and amount to 28950.

For example, to give $10 to Word Partner Club, text “WPC 10” to 28950.