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ENCOURAGING. AMAZING. ELECTRIFYING! These are words women used to describe Lynette Hagin's 2017 Kindle the Flame Women's Conference. Wives, mothers, and daughters from across the U.S. and around the world experienced three dynamic days of ministry in September. "The joy is contagious in this place!" shared one woman. "I always leave so refreshed," said another.

Over the course of the weekend, the women heard powerful messages, attended workshops, and enjoyed great fellowship. They left changed, set free, and healed! Kindle the Flame 2018 is scheduled for September 27–29 on the Rhema USA campus.

Lynette Hagin

Let It Go!

John 10:10 says that Jesus came so we would have life and have it abundantly. The Amplified Bible says that we would have life "to the full, till it overflows." Unfortunately, many Christian women are stressed out, worn out, and depressed. That is not God's plan.

God has great plans for us. They are plans for good and not disaster (Jer. 29:11). He has assignments for us to complete during the upcoming year. But FOR THE LORD TO ACCOMPLISH WHAT HE HAS FOR US, THERE ARE THINGS WE MUST LET GO OF—WEIGHTS THAT ARE SLOWING US DOWN.

Hebrews 12:1 (NLT) says, "Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down."

A weight is something that brings us down and keeps us from fulfilling God's plan. Let me ask you, WHAT IS WEIGHING YOU DOWN? WHATEVER IT IS, IT'S TIME TO LET IT GO.

Here are some things that can slow us down: hurts, offenses, disappointments, insecurities, criticism, rejection, poor self-esteem, betrayal, anxiety, and jealousy. Some of us may also have to let go of our plans for our lives and commit to God's plans.

We are spirit, soul, and body. The Lord once told me that the reason some people have a hard time being led by the Spirit is because they have soul damage. When our soul is damaged, it can be revitalized when we go to the Word.


Let's trust in God's promises and rely on His goodness and mercy. As we do, we won't be weighed down but will be free to run our race.

Denise Hagin Burns

The 'Who' in Your Storm

Before we were born, God knew every storm we would face. He has always been able to take us through any adversity we encounter. Many times we ask why we're going through something. But IF WE KNOW "WHO" IS IN THE BOAT WITH US DURING A STORM, THE WHY DOESN'T MATTER. Jesus is the "Who" that is always with us. In addition to "Who," we need to know what Jesus will be when we're caught in a storm.

JESUS WILL BE OUR CALM. Because the "Who" in our boat is calm, we can tap into His peace and let it flood our minds.

JESUS WILL BE OUR JOY. Outlook often determines outcome. An outlook that is defeated and depressed will cause the waves to crash down on us. We can, however, be joyful when we know "Who" will get us to the other side.

JESUS WILL BE OUR FRIEND AND COMFORTER. Knowing "Who" our Comforter is gives us boldness and courage to face anything. He will bring people into our lives to comfort us during a storm.

JESUS WILL BE OUR FOCUS. In the middle of a storm, we need to focus on the "Who," not the circumstance, problem, or prognosis. Focusing on Jesus will change the atmosphere around us.

JESUS WILL BE OUR VOICE. Jesus has given us authority to speak to any storm. Speaking the Word with boldness will bring about a great calm.

JESUS WILL BE OUR VICTORY. The "Who" in our boat is always victorious. So the end of our story is victory because Jesus—the King of Kings, the Healer, the Provider, the Alpha and Omega—lives inside of us.

Patsy Cameneti

"When you discover what Jesus has done for you, the truth gives you the ability to shake loose. Jesus didn't leave it up to us! HE SANCTIFIED HIMSELF SO YOU AND I CAN 'LET IT GO.' As surely as He is our righteousness, He is also our sanctification. HE IS THE ABILITY TO SEPARATE YOU from things that have tried to hold you back. How do you access that kind of power? You do it the same way you receive Jesus as your righteousness. YOU CAN CLAIM HIM AS YOUR SANCTIFICATION, AND A HOLY GHOST WORK BEGINS." 

Lynette Estrada

"Our lives ought to be living demonstrations where we not only perform signs and wonders, but WE ARE THE SIGN AND WONDER. We are proving that God's Word is true. It's going to require spiritual discipline, and that's a word most people don't want to hear. TAKE EVERY REVELATION YOU RECEIVE FROM GOD AND BE TENACIOUS WITH IT. Discipline yourself every day. Hear the Word, accept it, and bear fruit. See yourself as a co-laborer with God! You're proving that you have access to Heaven. It's a testimony to see prayers answered." 

Heart to Heart

It was a time to get practical, real, and honest. What fun was had by all as Lynette Hagin and Denise Hagin Burns shared their hearts with hundreds of eager ladies. They dished out plenty of good advice on marriage and relationships, communicating with your spouse and family, growing with your spouse in different seasons of life, and being flexible. The Q & A session brought lots of laughter, and Heart to Heart ended with prize giveaways. Married or single, young or "mature," as Lynette likes to say, there was something for everyone!


"I'm a first-year student at RBTC, and this is my first time attending Kindle the Flame. I decided to volunteer and usher, and it's been a great time. The anointing, the whole experience, just being here is awesome!" // Gabriella

"I appreciate Kindle the Flame for not being like any other women's conference. It really ministers to women in a very strong and positive way. The "Let It Go" session with Mrs. Hagin was just crazy awesome!" // Bonita

"Ever since Mrs. Hagin started Kindle the Flame I wanted to attend because I wanted to grow and learn how to become a Christian wife and mother. I wanted to learn how to take care of a home. So I began coming to KTF, and I have really grown up. I've only missed one in 17 years. Continually coming to this conference has really helped me to blossom." // Cathy

"Kindle the Flame is always a good time for me. It's like a mini-vacation. Just to get away from the normal routine of every day. I don't want to leave!" // Ronni

"The first night when we were letting things go, my balloon was completely full. I'm stepping out and letting it all go!" // Azura

"The first night, I was freed from worry and control." // Wendy

"I saw friends I haven't seen in forever!" // Gwen

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