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International Rhema day Logo

May 7, 2023

Supporting Rhema — Reaching the World

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To hold an International Rhema Day (IRD) at your church, below is a complete packet of IRD information for you to download.

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What's It All About?

COUNTLESS PEOPLE around the world still need to hear the message of Jesus.

Rhema's graduates are CHANGING that.

You are making an ETERNAL DIFFERENCE when you support Rhema Bible Training College USA.

On International RHEMA day, churches and individuals unite to support RBTC through their financial gifts, prayers, and good words about Rhema. It is also a great opportunity for pastors to present RBTC to their congregations and encourage people to take the step to attend the Bible school themselves.

The lost will be saved, the sick will be healed, and those who are bound will be set free.

That's what International RHEMA Day is all about!

Sending Graduates

Reaching The Nations

Changing Lives

Your Makes A Difference!

Your Makes A Difference!

Your Makes A Difference!

Your Makes A Difference!

Your Makes A Difference!

How Can I Help?

Here are three easy ways you can unite with believers worldwide to help Rhema Bible Training College USA.

  • Support

    1. Support Rhema Bible Training College USA financially by giving a special International Rhema Day offering.

  • Pray

    2. Pray both individually and as a church body for the school, staff, and students.

  • Share

    3. Tell others about Rhema Bible Training College USA. (Click here to check out our Resources section for suggested guidelines and helpful ideas on how to do this.)

Your gift will reach around the world!

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