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Rhema School of World Missions

DO YOU DREAM of reaching hopeless people in the world's dark places with God's life-changing Word? Do you desire to start a church in a foreign country or lead to Christ thousands of youth whose language you don't know? Do you want to take the Gospel to countries where people have never heard the Name of Jesus?

If you find those desires stirring in your heart, Rhema's third-year School of World Missions will help equip and prepare you to fulfill them. For 17 years this rich, hands-on program has trained missionaries to fulfill Jesus' Great Commission: go and make disciples of all nations (Matt. 28:19–20). Hundreds of men and women have been trained to do His work successfully, wherever God calls them.

Rhema School of World Missions is open to those who have completed first- and second-year studies at Rhema Bible Training College. Students from all over the United States and the world have come to learn how best to take the Gospel to the nations.

Missionary work isn't limited to frontline duties. "It's not a school of apostolic ministry," shared program director Joe Duininck. "It's for anybody who is going to work in the Body of Christ in a cross-cultural setting."

God calls people to many different tasks. "Some could be called to be pastors or crusade evangelists, or to be nannies or church planters. Any supportive ministry—whatever they feel gifted and called to do, and they feel they are going to do in a cross-cultural setting—we train them."

In class students receive vital instruction that addresses both the spiritual and natural sides of succeeding in


missions. Subjects covered include leadership and team building, communicating effectively with ministry partners, the history of missions, and message development and delivery.

One remarkable part of the School of World Missions program is that students get to hear personally from Rhema graduates who are on the mission field. They learn how the grads got their start in ministry and walk out their calling by faith, and how they've come through trials to fulfill God's plan for them. Their testimonies, stories, and wisdom help students grasp what real missions work is all about.

"It's for anybody who is going to work in the Body of Christ in a cross-cultural setting."Joe Duininck

Another program highlight is survival week, when students leave their comfortable, climate-controlled classroom and live outdoors for a time. The challenges and obstacles they encounter test their character, strength, and ability to work as a team. And the experience introduces them to survival skills that can be helpful in primitive missions.

An invaluable part of the School of World Missions program is a month-long internship in another country. Living and working with missionaries on the field gives students hands-on experience for future ministry.

Brenda Rei graduated this year from the School of World Missions. During her internship in the United Kingdom and Ireland, she ministered at a youth event, sang with the praise and worship team, and wrote a children's ministry curriculum for the church. Brenda also learned how to run sound and visual media for services.

Brenda said her classroom training at Rhema School of World Missions helped prepare her. "At times I needed to share on the spur of moment in the classroom, or be prepared with short notice" Brenda shared. "Having practiced in the classroom not only prepared me—it also made me less nervous to be able to do it outside the classroom."

Rhema School of World Missions helps prepare students for cross-cultural ministry in both spirit and soul. Class of 2016 graduate Heather Werner is glad she obeyed God's call to apply. For her, it's about more than learning how to be a missionary. "RSWM will help you become more of the person God has called you to be," Heather shared. "In the end you'll be more prepared to go and do His work."

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