You’re Not Alone, We All Make Mistakes

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THERE IS NOT a person alive who hasn’t made more than one mistake. We’ve all said and done things that … Read More

The Power of Compassion

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COMPASSION IS A VEHICLE for God’s power to ride on. Whenever Jesus was moved with compassion, He did something miraculous! … Read More

Prophets or Fortune Tellers? How to Measure Prophecy

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BELIEVERS WHO INQUIRE about God’s direction in their lives through a prophet are on dangerous ground. Under the New Covenant, … Read More

Pray for Your Nation

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PRAYER CHANGES the world around us! Our prayers don’t change God, but He designed it so that He works through … Read More

Letters From You

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“I called and ASKED FOR PRAYER that the father of my children would allow me to take them to a … Read More

God Has Assignments for You!

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AT THE BEGINNING of the new year, I always ask the Lord what I need to concentrate on during that … Read More

Giving to a Better Living

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AN IMPORTANT PART of experiencing financial success God’s way is to be a giver. As the original Giver, our Heavenly … Read More

Facing Crossroads

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CROSSROADS. Everyone encounters them during their lifetime. A CROSSROAD IS A PLACE OF DECISION THAT AFFECTS THE COURSE OF OUR … Read More

Draw Near to God

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Did you know that you can experience God in your everyday walk with Him? James 4:8 (NIV) says, “Come near … Read More

A Shelter From the Storm

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CARL AND BELINDA BENTON returned home to Louisiana after graduating from Rhema Bible Training College in 1989. As they were … Read More