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Rhema USA is the base for an expanding network of Rhema Bible Training College campuses. Currently, 282 campuses stretch across 54 nations, with over 3,400 churches pastored by RBTC graduates. And Rhema continues to grow thanks to 7,000 paid staff and volunteers who see to it that Rhema happens around the world!

In Africa and Europe, RBTC student enrollment grew 20 percent after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. "People didn't stop joining school. They said it was their lifeline," says John Grunewald, international director of Rhema Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

As Rhema campuses expand worldwide, more and more Faith Library Publications books are being translated into new languages. The Greater Europe Book Project, which is overseen by Grunewald Ministries, is in the process of translating 25 Kenneth E. and Kenneth W. Hagin books in 34 European language zones, representing a total of 835 books.

The project aims to equip each student with these books to use in Bible schools and churches in their communities.

To date, all 25 titles have been translated into Hungarian. And book translation has begun in 17 languages, including Latvian, Polish, German, and Armenian. The project is halfway through and is expected to be complete by 2030.

Rhema isn't just life changing, it's something that should be in every nation of the world.
John Grunewald

God is also moving in a great way through Rhema Asia. Campuses in Singapore and Thailand are going strong. Rhema Church Bangkok in Thailand's capital city is experiencing rapid growth, with 97 Rhema churches being launched out of it.

India, the second most populous country globally, is not only home to six Rhema campuses, but it also boasts Rhema's largest listening audience outside the United States.

Many Rhema Asia graduates go into neighboring nations to start churches and evangelistic works. "The mandate is literally changing nations and the lives of people," says Gary Crowl, former dean of Rhema USA. "Prophecy is being fulfilled around the world."

Every country is on the radar to establish RBTC campuses. Teaching faith and training students to lead others in the things of God translates into more churches and ministries reaching more people. "Rhema isn't just life changing, it's something that should be in every nation of the world," says John Grunewald. "We're going to keep expanding into all these countries until we're done what we're supposed to do."

For more information on the Greater Europe Book Project, visit grunewald.org/greater-europe-book-project.

International Rhema Day

"We're training men and women around the world to go around the world." – Craig W. Hagin

Countless people still need to hear the message of Jesus. Rhema graduates are changing that. International Rhema Day is May 1. When you donate to Rhema USA on International Rhema Day, you help train men and women to go around the world with the message of faith and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To give now, visit rhema.org/ird.


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