Prayer, Power, and Unity

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God was taking care of business at Campmeeting 2020! Foundations of faith and prayer built a platform for wisdom to flow and hearts to receive. Reports from Rhema campuses around the world brought news of start-ups and online expansion. Online attendees testified to being healed and refreshed while participating from afar. From kids to adults, the Word brought transformation. By the end of the week, an army of believers resonating with compassion and unity was mobilized with fresh fire—ready to hear God and take action!

Undeniable Love

Kenneth W. Hagin

“The Word of God brings us spiritual power, wisdom, and compassion. And it speaks through us to those who need to hear it. From the Word, we receive an undeniable love for people of all nations and races. Everyone needs to hear about the saving blood of Jesus. How will that happen? By the Church rising up in its supernatural authority, speaking the Word of God, and pulling down strongholds. Our fight is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers in high places. We have been born for such a time as this! It’s our time to do what we’ve been called to do. It’s time to realize that the Word and the power of God have to be demonstrated. Let’s rise up and go to our world with the demonstration of God’s power!”

The Word of God brings us spiritual power, wisdom, and compassion.
Kenneth W. Hagin

Bind Together

“It is not people or politics. It’s the devil. So let’s focus on the right thing! We have to quit talking about opinions and start talking about God. Let’s practice what He said. God is love, and we must love. We must bind together in unity and harmony. We must love each other.” // Lynette Hagin

The God of the Comeback

“Mark 9:23 (ESV) says, ‘All things are possible for one who believes.’ I believe 2020 is my best year yet! What do you believe? This pandemic does not define my year; God defines it. It’s time to have real faith. You may not always understand, but to have faith, you don’t have to understand. Start declaring that 2020 will be the best year you’ve ever had!” // Craig W. Hagin

“How does faith come? By hearing! Not from having heard. Hearing is present tense. Faith is always in the perpetual present of hearing God. What is God saying to you now? Is your faith based on what you have heard or what you are hearing?” // Earl Glisson

“There is an end to your faith. God wants you to see the fulfillment of the promise. To not get weary, you must keep your focus or you won’t endure. What you focus on will take you from believing you have received to actually having.” // David Shearin

“Operating from the God-kind of love gives you a perspective that nothing is big enough to take you down when God’s love is in you. It is inexhaustible and indestructible! Love never fails and will work in your situation.” // Mark Hankins

“When blood-bought believers get their eyes off their problems and over on the Lord, something powerful will happen! You can tell when a believer has their eyes on the Lord. They have a radiance about them—a pep in their step.” // Bill Ray

“Love causes us to be bold. When the light of the Kingdom of God shines through us, we can boldly stand in the face of anything that comes our way and walk in whatever God has called us to.” // Darrell Huffman

Summer Blitz 2020

Getting to Know God Better

Instead of having a predetermined theme, Summer Blitz 2020 was a wide-open slate. Leading up to Blitz week, JV and Varsity youth were encouraged to seek God about what He wanted them to receive during Summer Blitz. And what a week it was! Testimonies poured in from the students. Their relationships with God were strengthened as He spoke to them during incredible times of worship, while listening to the powerful messages, and as the Holy Spirit ministered to their hearts. Several students weren’t sure what to do after graduating from high school. But God made it clear what path they should take. Some are even coming to Rhema!


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