Prayer, Power, and Unity

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God was taking care of business at Campmeeting 2020! Foundations of faith and prayer built a platform for wisdom to … Read More

Climb Past Your Past

Rhema TeamApril 2019 WOF2 Comments

One of the darkest moments in my life happened when I was a youth. I got involved in something I … Read More

Kenneth Hagin Ministries’ Campmeeting 2018

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Campmeeting 2018 was a time of breakthrough and new beginnings. God’s presence permeated the Rhema campus. People from across the … Read More

Overcoming the Pressures of Life

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JESUS SAID that in the world you would face pressure. This is because Satan is the god of this world, and … Read More

Ministry for the Entire Family

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Campmeeting Testimonies IN JANUARY 1973, the Lord woke Kenneth E. Hagin and told him to hold a special event in the … Read More

Start Having Fun Again

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IS YOUR FAITH working or has frustration crept in? You can’t be in faith and frustration at the same time! So … Read More

A Week of Destiny – Campmeeting Review

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FROM THE FIRST MOMENTS of energized praise to the last breath of inspired words, hearts and minds were saturated with the … Read More