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Pink was the color of the 23rd Kindle the Flame Women’s Conference. The Holy Spirit masterfully orchestrated the weekend, with each of the speaker’s messages building upon the last. During the Candlelight, Prayer & Praise service, Lynette Hagin led the women in a time of prayer. They prayed for various things, with a special focus on interceding for children.

Make plans to attend Kindle the Flame 2024, September 26–28. In the meantime, enjoy these highlights.

What Kind of Attitude Do You Possess?
Lynette Hagin

Paul’s writings are encouraging to me. But what inspires me about Paul is his attitude. Regardless of what he went through, he always had a positive attitude. In Romans chapter 8, he listed many things he encountered, but he then said, “In all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us” (v. 37).

What kind of attitude do you possess? Your attitude will determine whether you fly, whether you walk, whether you crawl, or whether you sink in life. Attitudes begin in your thought life, and I have said, “Some people need a mind flush.” Here are three facts about attitudes.

1)   Your attitude reveals the real you. It represents your disposition, your outlook on life, and your character.

2)   Your attitude determines the success or failure of every relationship in your life.

3)   Your attitude is always a choice. Every situation has positive and negative in it. You choose what you focus on.

Someone said, “A bad attitude is like a flat tire. You can’t go very far until you change it.” These steps will guide you toward a better attitude. 1) Start speaking positive words. 2) Look for good in every situation. 3) Take charge of your thought life. 4) Never surrender to negative thoughts.

Things happen to all of us. When we have the right attitude, we can say as Paul did, “None of these things move me” (Acts 20:24).

Pink on Purpose

Denise Hagin Burns

When a baby is born, people ask, “Is it blue or pink?” We’re all pink in this room. We are pink on purpose. When God formed us, He wanted us to be pink. He wanted us to be women, and He has a specific purpose for women to fulfill. Genesis 2:18 says God made woman to be a helper for man. Society has diminished the word “helper” to mean domestic roles. But that could not be further from how God meant it.

Helper in that verse is the Hebrew word ezer, which means “to provide support for someone who needs help.” It implies great strength and helping in dire life-threatening circumstances. It’s a powerful aspect of God’s character that He gave to women. Ezer was used 21 times in the Old Testament to reference God when He helped people out of dire situations. God created women as an ezer kind of helper.

Unless you are walking in your purpose of being a helper, you will never be fulfilled in life because that is how God designed you. Until you submit to the way He designed you, you can pursue achievements, but you will always be searching for something more. That’s because you will never be fulfilled as a woman until you help people. Who did God call you to help? Married women, it’s not only your husband and children. As women—married or single—we should always be helping people because that is the purpose of being pink.

“You are who God says you are, and you must believe it and say it. What words are you speaking over your life? I don’t know what you’re saying to yourself right now, but this one thing I know: Women can be the worst critics of themselves. Ladies, we have to stop that. The enemy loves it when you tear yourself down. Words are going forth all the time. You must pay attention to the conversations you have with yourself. Words are powerful, even the internal conversations you have. You’re the person you spend the most time with, right? You talk to yourself the most. What are you saying to yourself? Would you talk that way to your best friend? Then why are you talking that way to you? Know that it grieves God when you put yourself down with your words.” // Misti Coyne

“Something happens when we praise God. When our eyes are focused on Him, a transfer of strength takes place. But when our attention is on ourselves, we lose focus on who God is. We become like Sarah, who forced the will of God by her own hand and received an Ishmael. Sarah took God’s promise and instead of drawing from His goodness to perform it, she relied on her own strength, agenda, and strategy to reach the end of what God promised. Abraham, however, grew strong and was empowered by his faith as he gave praise to God. He was strengthened to stand, strengthened to wait, and strengthened to receive. Abraham’s praise came out of his relationship with the Father, and through his relationship, Abraham became fully convinced that what was impossible would become possible.” // ReJeanna Jolliff

“Every step we take should be purposeful. Every step with purpose means not taking a day off from God. It also means not taking steps in the wrong direction. God has much to say about how He leads us and how we follow Him. We need God’s help to direct our steps. He has paths for us to walk on. Paths we walk on refer to how we live and what we do with our limited time on earth. Our part is to trust and acknowledge God and do the walking. It’s not for us to direct our own steps. When you do what you want instead of what God wants, you’re putting yourself before Him, and you’re messing up your life. This life is not a rehearsal, and there is no return. So make every moment, every decision, and every action count for Jesus.” // Haley Schurz

“What are you radiating? Are you radiating Jesus—His love, His peace, His joy? We’re radiating something all the time. What’s on the inside will show up on the outside. We need to make sure that what’s inside us is of Him. People should know that we’ve been with Jesus. Psalm 34:5 (HCSB) says, ‘Those who look to Him are radiant with joy; their faces will never be ashamed.’ Have you been looking to Him? Our world is in a hopeless situation. Too many sad, depressed people are in the world and in the Church. We need to drink in God’s presence until we are filled with perfect peace and until we are radiating the hope of God, the life of God, and the joy of the Lord!”
// Brenda Thomas

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