The Test of Faith

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When my son, Craig, was in the 8th grade, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The doctors informed Ken … Read More

God’s Gift of Peace

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I BELIEVE WE would all agree that we are living in chaotic days. When we read God’s Word, it would … Read More

Praying for Our Nations

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GOD IS INTERESTED in every nation of the world. And whatever nation you live in is where you can use … Read More

Following God in 2023

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It’s another day—another year, 2023. At the beginning of every year, I ask myself, “Where did last year go? It … Read More

It’s Christmas Time

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When someone says that it’s December—what do you immediately think of? Of course, the first thought that comes to mind … Read More

Discovering God’s Plan

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GOD HAS PREPARED great things for those who love Him. But we must desire those things to receive them. God … Read More

What Are You Thinking?

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I am certain that no one realizes how many thoughts pass through their minds. Studies have shown in varying degrees … Read More

Living a Holy Life

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I LIKE TO review history because it repeats itself. It’s good when we can learn from the successes and failures … Read More

Counting it All Joy

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WHEN WE READ the Word of God, it is easy for us to concentrate on our favorite scriptures. We love … Read More

How You Can Know When the Holy Spirit Is Speaking

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GOD HAS A purpose and a destiny for all of His children. He has prepared great things for us. But … Read More