Kindle The Flame Review

Gilson LacerdaDecember 2023 WOFLeave a Comment

Pink was the color of the 23rd Kindle the Flame Women’s Conference. The Holy Spirit masterfully orchestrated the weekend, with … Read More

I Will Arise

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Sometimes we have setbacks in life that knock us off our feet. And it may take us a while to … Read More

Kindle the Flame 2021: Going Higher With God!

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Excitement and expectancy filled the Rhema Bible Church auditorium as women gathered for three days to get refreshed and go … Read More

Kindle the Flame 2020: You Are a Survivor!

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Women were on fire for God at Lynette Hagin’s Kindle the Flame® Women’s Conference! For the first time, the conference … Read More

Following Your Dreams

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Dreams are powerful forces—especially the ones you hold in your heart. Are your dreams burning bright? Or have they been … Read More

4 Reasons to Attend Kindle the Flame

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Why should you attend Kindle the Flame Women’s Conference? Here are four reasons. Discover Your Purpose No matter how many … Read More

Kindle the Flame 2018

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Kindle the Flame 2018 At Lynette Hagin’s 2018 Kindle the Flame Women’s Conference nearly 1,500 women from around the world … Read More

A Living Testimony

Rhema TeamJune/July 2018 WOF1 Comment

GOD WANTS US to be a living demonstration of all the good things He has placed in us as a testimony … Read More

Kindle the Flame Ignites Destinies

Rhema TeamAugust 2018 WOFLeave a Comment

AS KINDLE THE FLAME 2017 came to a close by candlelight, the worship and words from Heaven burned strong in women’s hearts. A … Read More