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FROM THE FIRST MOMENTS of energized praise to the last breath of inspired words, hearts and minds were saturated with the Word and Spirit of God at Campmeeting2017. Those who attended—whether in person or online—were equipped to overcome and went away empowered to be carriers of God's glory and power.

It was a game-changing week for youth at Summer Blitz. They left emboldened to step up and step out in their walk with God. At Rhema Kids, children had fun learning about God with lessons centered around a "taste and see" theme.

Here's a sample of what Campmeeting 2017 speakers said.


Kenneth W. Hagin

Keep Your Appointment With God

"Most of us have full schedules with a lot of appointments. We use calendars, alarm clocks, and scheduling tools to help us show up on time. Appointments are realities in life. This is true in our day-to-day lives, but it also needs to be true in our spiritual lives. We need to keep our appointments with God ahead of everything else. His appointments lead us to paths He wants us on—paths where we'll discover His purpose and calling for our lives. Sometimes we may have other plans. But if we're going to be used by Him, we have to get past our personal desires. WHEN WE KEEP OUR DIVINE APPOINTMENTS WITH GOD, HIS PRESENCE WILL CHANGE US. He will make us bold and fearless, and we'll do mighty exploits for Him."


Craig W. Hagin

"What do we do when we're going through a test, a 'midnight' season in our lives? We have to put our faith in the power of God. Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises to God in their midnight hour. When things go bad, count it all joy. Refuse to quit and start praising God. HOW WE RESPOND DURING TESTS AND TRIALS IS WHAT TAKES US PAST OUR MIDNIGHT."


Denise Hagin Bruns

"Many times we don't take advantage of the Holy Spirit Who lives inside of us. If we're constantly in crisis mode, we're not letting Him guide us. We have to quit being distracted and start living Spirit-led lives. HE IS OUR ADVOCATE, COMFORTER, HELPER, AND STRENGTHENER. ALL OF THIS IS ON THE INSIDE OF US. BE STILL, LISTEN, AND ASK THE HOLY SPIRIT TO BE ALL THESE THINGS TO YOU."


Charles Cowan

"Faith has inherent power. But if faith is not developed, it is inoperative. Indifference is an enemy to our faith! It always finds an excuse for not doing the Word. We need the power of faith to work. It changes impossibilities into possibilities."


David Shearin

"When the pressures of life show up, what comes out of your mouth is a determining factor in the outcome of the situation. Though hell comes against you, Heaven is on your side. But if you're a believer and a speaker of the Word, God will perform it." 


Phillip Slaughter

"As we develop in our walk with God, there has to be trust. There has to be a relationship built with the One we trust. The more we rely on the Word of God, the more we depend on it, the more comfortable we become in stepping out."


Darrell Huffman

"Jesus is the final authority in Heaven and on earth. At the Name of Jesus, everything has to bow. Demons have to flee and sickness has to surrender. Problems have to stop and say, 'Yes, Jesus is Lord. He is Lord over me.' "


Mark Hankins

"Your destiny is connected to your identity. God put in Christ everything He wanted you to be! If you study the life of Jesus, He was constantly declaring His identity and destiny. If you're going to follow Jesus, you must constantly declare your identity and destiny in Christ."

Summer Blitz: Game Changers

Young Hearts Set Afire at Summer Blitz


Summer Blitz 2017 was an anointed and powerful week for hundreds of young people in the 6th through 12th grades. They were inspired and challenged to become game changers in their world for Christ.
During each service, the youth experienced intimate times of worship as the Holy Spirit moved mightily among them. Speakers hit on real teen issues that included peer pressure and depression. The youth learned how to stand on God's Word to overcome these issues and walk in victory. Many young people responded to an altar call to be set free from depression. When hands were laid on them, they cried and rejoiced as chains were broken off, and they were set free!

By the end of the week, the young people were transformed into game changers—ready to shine for Christ.


Bethany McCune

"We're called to make God known. On social media it's about trying to be seen and making ourselves known. But how many of us are making God known? CAN YOU SAY THAT PEOPLE KNOW GOD BECAUSE OF YOU?"


Fabian McCune

"START MAKING A PATTERN OF SAYING NO TO THE DEVIL AND YES TO GOD. When you do, you'll come out on top. That's what brave people do! When peer pressure comes, they say no to the pressure and yes to the things of God!"


Obadiah Hagans

"THROUGH CHRIST'S DEATH WE'RE REDEEMED, WE'RE FORGIVEN, AND OUR FAITH WORKS. And because our faith works, we can live as God intended. We can be the example the world is desperately needing and craving for." 


Rob Post

"GODLY RELATIONSHIPS ARE BUILT ON LOVE. PEER PRESSURE ISN'T. To conquer peer pressure, you must believe much stronger in what God says about you than what someone says or thinks. That's how you conqueror it! It's beatable."


Angie Shearin

"So many times young people miss the plan of God because they are striving to do things that God never called them to do. IF YOU DO WHAT HE HAS CALLED YOU TO DO, YOU CAN CHANGE THE GAME."


Matt Shearin

"Every time Jesus was in town, the game changed. JESUS IS HERE TONIGHT! LET HIM DO WHAT ONLY HE CAN DO. Set your attention on Jesus. God will speak to you in moments like this and change your life forever."


Tanner Jenkins

"God sees you in His Son. BE WHO YOU'RE CREATED TO BE; WALK AS YOU'RE CREATED TO WALK. Put on the new man. Love, humility, obedience, and selflessness is the way of the new man." 


Dan Taylor

"To be a game changer, you need to make right decisions. The word decision means 'the process of examining your possibilities; and the options of comparing and choosing a course of action.' THE HOLY SPIRIT GIVES YOU THE ABILITY TO MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE."


Ty Ward

"These are game-changer statements: I AM LOVED BY GOD. I AM ACCEPTED BY GOD. I AM NOT ALONE. I AM WORTH DYING FOR. When you get the reality of these truths inside of you, they'll change the game of your life!" 

Rhema Kids Campmeeting

Oh, taste & see!


How do you teach kids about God? One way is by using their favorite treats along with great Bible lessons.

During Campmeeting 2017, youngsters had the opportunity to "Taste & See" the goodness of God. In every service, a different snack food was used to illustrate God's character and how He is faithful to perform His promises.

Using Zebra Cakes, children learned that God is a healer and that by Jesus' stripes they are healed. They discovered how Jesus can transform their lives as they watched ordinary Rice Krispies turn into delicious Rice Krispies Treats! What about Trail Mix? In the same way that Trail Mix gives us a natural boost to do something physical, God's Word gives us a spiritual boost when facing temptations or hard times. And they learned how to be fishers of men and share Jesus with others with Goldfish crackers.

The children enjoyed amazing worship and powerful times of ministry. Several kids received Jesus as Savior for the first time and many were instantly healed! Everyone joined in exciting games and activities, competing daily for the Top Banana trophy. For the children, Rhema Kids Campmeeting 2017 proved to be a sweet experience with God!

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