Managing Resources

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WITHIN EACH OF US are dreams, plans, goals, and visions. These things may be right on the cusp of happening, or … Read More

Don’t Be a Jerk

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THERE IS A LOT of negativity in our world today. People are angry, impatient, and rude. Say one wrong thing and … Read More

You Are Who You Are

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THERE IS AN epidemic of people being unhappy with themselves! We concentrate on loving God and others, but what about ourselves? … Read More

Conquering Fear

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PEOPLE OFTEN BECOME fearful when diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Time and time again, I have seen fear grip people’s hearts … Read More

Overcoming the Pressures of Life

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JESUS SAID that in the world you would face pressure. This is because Satan is the god of this world, and … Read More

Four Steps to a Fresh Start

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LET’S FACE IT. No one is perfect. When you make a mistake, the enemy often tries to tell you that it’s … Read More

You’ve Got Friend

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AS CHRISTIANS, we sometimes concentrate on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and overlook the Person of the Holy Spirit. Our … Read More

A Living Testimony

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GOD WANTS US to be a living demonstration of all the good things He has placed in us as a testimony … Read More

God Cares About Us

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Have you ever asked yourself the questions, Does God really care about me? Does He know what I’m going through? … Read More


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I love to observe people. I like watching their actions and reactions and try to understand why they acted or … Read More