The Fountain of Life

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HAVE YOU EVER felt drawn to a fountain? What about it caught your attention? Was it the way the water … Read More

It’s Time to Come Home

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WHAT WOULD YOU do if you had all the money you ever wanted? Would you travel the world? Buy a … Read More

If You Knew What I’ve Done…

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ONE DAY IN a small town somewhere in America, two men were having an intense conversation. Both were dressed in … Read More


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AS SUMMER TRANSITIONS to fall, long sunny days give way to cooler weather. Leaves are turning red, orange, and yellow … Read More

A Place of Mercy

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Because Jesus is our High Priest, we can hold firmly to God’s Word and our confession of faith. We can … Read More

A New Beginning

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People often move from one city to another looking for a fresh start. They think a new location will help … Read More

He Is More

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“Now when Jesus came into the district of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, ‘Who do people say that the … Read More

What Is Sin?

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What is sin? The original language of the Bible defines it as “to miss the mark.” The “mark” is the … Read More

Keeping It Simple

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We could write a clever article about spring just beginning and things coming back to life and relate it to … Read More

There Is Always Something to Be Thankful For

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People are thankful for many different things: not being caught at a stoplight on their way to work finding a … Read More