Winter Bible Seminar 2018 – Wrap Up!

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The Wednesday-through-Friday services at Winter Bible Seminar provided a strong ending to a dynamic week!Pastor Kenneth W. Hagin continued to teach … Read More

Winter Bible Seminar 2018 – Midweek Report

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What a strong start to Winter Bible Seminar 2018! Pastor Hagin started a series of messages on the covenant we have … Read More

A Mighty Army of Women – Kindle The Flame

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ENCOURAGING. AMAZING. ELECTRIFYING! These are words women used to describe Lynette Hagin’s 2017 Kindle the Flame Women’s Conference. Wives, mothers, and … Read More

2017: The Expansion Continues

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WHERE DOES GOD TAKE US? All over the world! Oklahoma is an unlikely place to start when reaching the uttermost parts … Read More

Live the Love

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SOME MARRIAGES are in desperate situations. No matter what a couple is going through, God can make any mess beautiful. My … Read More

The Appointed Day

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THE CHURCH is the bride of the One True King. And an appointed day has been arranged by God for us … Read More