2022—Reflecting on a Great Year!

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God has done exciting things this year through Kenneth Hagin Ministries. Enjoy these highlights.

Ministering Across the U.S.

Kenneth and Lynette Hagin love preaching the Gospel. The 2022 Living Faith Crusades took the Hagins to 15 U.S. cities. God confirmed His Word with miracles following.

At Trailhead Church in Graham, North Carolina, Thomas, a children’s church worker, had dislocated his leg when he was 16 and had a hard time walking. He testified that during the crusade, he entered the sanctuary just as Kenneth was praying over a prayer cloth he had sent in. Instantly, a warmth spread down his leg, and he was healed.

Speaking about the healing later, Thomas said, “When Kenneth said, ‘If you know you’re healed, stand up,’ I stood up before I realized that I didn’t grab the chair in front of me or the seat under me!”

In January the Hagins visited Anchor Faith Church in Saint Augustine, Florida, pastored by Earl and Marci Glisson. Ahead of this meeting, the Glissons’ young granddaughter, Luna,  announced to her classmates and family, “They’re having a healing service, and I’m going down to be prayed for, and I’m going to be healed!” She’d been gluten intolerant all her life. Whenever she ate foods containing gluten, she’d throw up and her stomach would hurt.

When the invitation was given for healing prayer, the girl came forward. The next morning she said to her mom, “I’m going to get donuts!” She went to a shop that had exceptionally good donuts. She’d never been able to eat donuts. But she ate them that day, and the next, and suffered no ill effects. She was healed.

48th RBTC USA Graduating Class

“We say to the world, get ready. The Chosen Ones are coming in Jesus’ Name!”

—Tad Gregurich, Dean, Rhema Bible Training College USA

On Friday, May 13, Rhema USA graduated its 48th class, nicknamed “The Chosen Ones.” As the ceremony neared its end, the auditorium lights were turned off. In their place rose candles, held by 253 graduates from the USA and 23 other nations. They sang in unison, “…I’ve learned the truth, so I’ll carry the flame and I’ll go—never the same.”

Like multitudes before them, they pledged to “carry the banner of faith and God’s power to a lost and dying world.”

Rhema Worldwide Family

“The sun never sets on a Rhema graduate preaching the Word of God.” —Kenneth W. Hagin

Overcoming the many challenges relating to Covid-19 restrictions, the international RBTCs found Spirit-led strategies to fulfill Rhema’s God-given mandate to “Go teach My people faith.” The schools continue to use creative plans and technology to impact the world.

This year over 20,000 students were enrolled at 282 international campuses in 54 countries. Upon graduation, they all have the opportunity to join the Rhema Alumni Association and gain access to a network of thousands of other graduates worldwide.

Many thousands around the globe are hearing the Gospel and the teaching of faith through Rhema alumni. RBTC graduates currently pastor 3,243 churches around the world.

Ministry Events

The international Rhema family “came home” for Winter Bible Seminar & Rhema Worldwide Homecoming in February and Kenneth Hagin Ministries’ 50th Campmeeting in July. Freezing winter temperatures and blazing summer heat couldn’t keep them away.

Thousands gathered on the fifth day of Campmeeting to celebrate a legacy 50 years in the making. That heritage has been built not on a personality but on a mandate from God to bring the message of faith to a lost, dying, and hurting world.

Two other on-campus events—Kindle the Flame Women’s Conference and A Call to Arms Men’s Conference—blessed many who came to hear God’s Word.

Shining Light in the Darkness

On Thanksgiving Eve, millions of tiny lights began illuminating the Rhema USA campus for the holidays. Each night through New Year’s Day, the brilliant display points visitors to the love of Christ, the Light of the World, and the real meaning of Christmas.

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