Campmeeting 2018 —Breakthrough and New Beginnings.

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God’s presence engulfed the entire Rhema campus. From Summer Blitz to Rhema Kids to the adult services, all ages experienced encounters with God. Here are some highlights from the week.

Sunday night Rev. Kenneth W. Hagin’s rousing message had the crowd shouting as he preached on how God specializes in the impossible. He reminded them that “the things which are impossible with men are possible with God” (Luke 18:27 NKJV). No matter what challenge or obstacle the enemy brings against us, God gives us the victory!

Attendees had champion attitudes built into them in every service. Topics included renewing the mind with God’s Word, praying bold, honest prayers, the power of speaking the Word, moving beyond the past, and taking the limits off God.

New Beginnings

A remarkable new beginning transpired for Emily. She shares, “I was pregnant with twins and lost both of them after they were born at 32 weeks. That loss changed my marriage, and we got a divorce, even though I didn’t want to. A friend of mine invited me to Campmeeting, and I got saved on Tuesday night! It’s been completely eye-opening and overwhelming. Every single message has been spot on and exactly what I needed. There is joy.”

Gabi, a recent high school graduate, shared her experience at Summer Blitz. “I’ve noticed the past few months of my life, I felt pretty lackluster towards God. I didn’t feel the passion I once felt. I still believed in Him, but I didn’t have the hunger I once had. When I attended an afternoon service, something hit me, and it broke my walls. I started crying, and my heart was tenderized. Later that night, I felt the power of God, and it relit the fire.”

In Rhema Kids, the youngsters learned about the armor of God and how to stand up to anything using that armor. During times of ministry, God tangibly wrapped His love around the kids, touching their hearts in ways that only He can.

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