Multiplying Kingdom Leaders

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BRAZIL IS ON fire for God. Often when a local pastor asks his congregation how many feel His call or … Read More

Are You Called to Be a Missionary? Advice From Rhema Missionaries

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Recognizing the Missionary CallJoe and Mary Purcell ALASKA TO RUSSIA TO SINGAPORE TO ASIA The primary way you know you … Read More

A Vital Asset in Columbus, Georgia

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AFTER ATTENDING community college for two years, Fabian McCune was frustrated and discouraged. He had just failed an exam in a … Read More

The Heart of a Worshipper

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SPECIAL REPORT WHAT A GLORIOUS NIGHT of worship. When Deborah Banks, an ’87 RBTC graduate, picked up the microphone and began … Read More

Driven by Compassion

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SPECIAL REPORT COMPASSION FILLS Paul DeNeui’s heart when he visits nursing homes, assisted care, and mental health facilities. He ministers to … Read More

God’s Abounding Grace in Italy

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KNOWN FOR its rich culture and ancient heritage, the boot-shaped nation of Italy is home to some of the oldest architecture … Read More

Life Is So Short!

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LOIS MEYER was alone. Her husband had passed away. Her daughter was grown and married. Her long career in education had … Read More

Called to Serve

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WHILE WATCHING Winter Bible Seminar 2016 via livestream at her church in Iowa, Tiffany Wuertzer heard someone say, “Once Rhema family, always … Read More

A Twofold Calling—CEO and Youth Pastor

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“WHAT AM I going to do?” The writing was on the wall—his job wouldn’t last much longer. Young and newly married, … Read More

Healing Hands

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“These signs will accompany those who believe: . . . they will place their hands on sick people, and they … Read More