Rhema’s Impact in 2023

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Take a look back at some Kenneth Hagin Ministries highlights from this year and see what we achieved together.

Taking the Mandate to the World

RBTC USA Graduates 49th Class

Thanks to our Word Partners, 262 more graduates were sent out to carry the message of faith to every part of the world.

RBTC Missions—Brazil, Thailand, and Zambia

Spring break for 39 Rhema students and alumni meant missions trips and an opportunity

to reach more people with the Good News. God showed Himself faithful and worked through each team to make a lasting impact in the lives of countless people.

Fever Instantly Healed in Brazil

While the RBTC team ministered at a hospital, a boy was admitted who had a fever for four days. He was instantly healed when the team laid hands on him. After seeing God heal him, he gave his life to Jesus. It had such an impact on the boy’s mother that she immediately rededicated her life to Christ.

Visions of Jesus in Thailand

Multiple people had visions of Jesus as the RBTC team ministered to them. One man said he saw “a man” come out of the river filled with love in his eyes, touch his head, and call him by name. After the vision, the man gave his life to Jesus and helped the team evangelize in his village.

The Lame Walk in Zambia

A student prayed for a lady who couldn’t walk. She was healed and began dancing. After seeing his wife healed, the lady’s husband, who walked with a cane, wanted prayer, and he, too, was healed.

RBTC International At-a-Glance…

22,388 students enrolled worldwide
Total enrollment INCREASED 30% between 2022 and 2023.

116,878 graduates worldwide


3,470 Rhema churches pastored by Rhema grads (U.S. & International)

7,500 IS The number of staff and volunteers it took to help fulfill the mandate “Go teach My people faith” around the world in 2023.

“This week at Winter Bible Seminar, I was very blessed! So many holes in my spiritual life were filled in with truth.”

Patricia, WBS 2023

3 New Campuses Opened in 2023

Pago Pago, American Samoa

Beirut, Lebanon

Lagos Island, Nigeria

Students were taught “Life of Prosperity.” Many witnessed financial miracles as a result.
“The message is so valuable. I would travel weeks to hear it,” said a student at the Alexandria campus who travels 20 hours round-trip for classes.


Rhema Italy held an outreach in the cities of Verona, Rome, and Comiso. Many came and gave their hearts to Jesus.

In May, Craig W. Hagin traveled to Mexico City, Mexico, to give the keynote address at Rhema Mexico’s commencement ceremony: “God is saying today, I’m raising you up to be my tabernacle of witnesses, to be filled with the Holy Spirit, to be filled with power, to be filled with the Word of God, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And wherever you go, the glory can be seen. The power of God can be felt. You are to be that group that this generation says of you, ‘They have turned the world upside down.’ ”
To apply to RBTC or to register for an upcoming College Weekend, visit rbtc.org.

Faith Came by...

Hearing, Reading & Watching

Through print, broadcast, and online media, Rhema continued to affect the world with the message of faith using every available avenue.

Faith Library Publications

Over 500,000 books sold.

The Believer’s Authority (Thẩm quyền của tín đồ) was published in Vietnamese.

This year, many FLP titles were translated and published in Farsi. The books are reaching some of the most unreached regions of the world.

Rhema France’s 36 French FLP audiobooks had 2.7 million listeners and 22,000 subscribers.

The Word of Faith Magazine

Over 1.8 million copies were mailed to homes and prisons in 2023.

Rhema Praise Broadcast

Reached potentially millions of households weekly through traditional broadcasting and more through online streaming.

Online Streaming

KHM conferences and Rhema church services began livestreaming on Rumble, an online video-sharing platform.

Thousands tuned in live and on-demand to Winter Bible Seminar, Campmeeting, and Rhema Bible Church services across all social media platforms.

Word Partners

Our utmost thanks go to our Word Partners. You make all of this happen! You have a great part in what Kenneth Hagin Ministries and Rhema students and graduates do all around the world. Anyone, anywhere ministered to through a member of the Rhema family is because of you!


The sound of revival rang loud at Winter Bible Seminar as attendees were refreshed in their souls. There was an urgency to pass the torch of revival, faith, and the power of God to the next generation.

The power and presence of God was palpable at Campmeeting. The Spirit of joy took over the atmosphere, and the Holy Spirit moved mightily. Many were healed and refilled with the Spirit.

Kindle the Flame Women’s Conference and A Call to Arms Men’s Conference provided a powerful opportunity for women and men to pause and hear from God.
Living Faith Conferences

Many were healed, saved, and set free during the 13 Living Faith Conferences held in 2023. In every city, people came ready to draw near to God and receive from Him.

To find a 2024 Living Faith Conference near you, go to rhema.org/lfc.

For 2024 event dates and details, visit events.rhema.org.

“On Sunday night, my husband had discomfort in his lower back. By Tuesday, the pain was so severe he could barely move. Pain meds and even a shot for pain did not take the pain away. We prayed and believed for healing. My husband tuned in to Tuesday night’s Campmeeting service while I was at the grocery store. Pastor Craig was praying for the sick and told the people to believe for their healing. My husband took that word and started to do what he physically couldn’t do. When I returned home, I found him bending, moving his legs, worshiping, and praying in the Spirit. He was healed! Thank you for ministering the word of faith!” // Myriam

“My back started hurting in 2020. The doctor said my L5 was out of place. The Lord told me that like the woman with the issue of blood, when I was touched with the anointing, I would be healed. Pastor Hagin laid his hands on me, and I was healed.” // Kathy

“I had fallen at school and sprained my wrist. I was praying in tongues with Mrs. Lynette, and I felt someone touch my arm. I looked around and my daddy was sitting too far away to touch me. I kept praying, and I realized Jesus had just healed my wrist.” // Layla, age 8

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