Look What the Lord Has Done!

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There's no doubt that God hears us when we pray. Here are some testimonies of His answers!

"I phoned your PRAYER PARTNER DEPARTMENT and shared a prayer request. I was scheduled to have surgery to remove a kidney stone. I was going to have general anesthesia and was struggling with anxiety and fear about it. That same week I found an article, "LET IT GO!," BY CRAIG HAGIN in the May 2016 Word of Faith magazine. This article provided me with the very answers I needed to help me calm down and have faith that all would go well. It turned out to be just that way. I have been home resting and recovering for one week and I'm getting back to normal health and activities at age 69. I sincerely thank you for joining me in faith and prayer about my surgery and for allowing me to benefit from your teaching." // DAVID

"In 2012 two RHEMA STUDENTS who lived near me prayed for someone close to me who had been deaf since infancy. I knew from faith teachings that Jesus wanted more for him. It has been four years since that prayer, and during that time he received eligibility for two surgeries that have restored hearing through cochlear devices. These surgeries cost close to $120,000. Both were totally covered!// JENNIFER

"I submitted a request several weeks ago that my house would sell. I am writing back to let you know that I have received a contract and have closed on the house! My thanks for joining me in prayer. God is always faithful." // VERNELL

"I've been WATCHING PASTOR HAGIN'S MESSAGES to build up my faith and stay in faith. My Sis was initially diagnosed with breast cancer and my mum-in-law took ill two weeks ago. After she went to the hospital and had tests run, a cancerous tumor in her bile duct was found. Surgery was performed on Mum and the cancerous tumor removed. It was also found not to have spread. Within two weeks, Mum was out of the hospital recuperating at home. My Sis is also doing well after surgery and undergoing chemo/radiotherapy treatment. She's all built up in faith and waiting to receive her "all clear" report from the doctor. Thank you for all the material you put up every day on healing. It has been a great source of God's Word to hide in our hearts." // PETER

"I am from Gambia, West Africa. Years ago the Lord led me to The Believer's Authority by Kenneth E. Hagin. I have now read MORE THAN 50 BOOKS by him. These books have prepared me to lay hold of successes and overcome deadly challenges. I have many testimonies to give because of these books, but here is one.

Almost three years ago, our son was born with a growth under his tongue. Some said it would affect his speech. Doctors said when he reached 6 months old, he could undergo surgery. When our son was about 3 months old, I asked my wife whom she would like to heal our son. We both agreed that we would turn to Jesus in faith. I opened to Romans 4:17 and we rebuked that ball. As of that day, we called it gone. For days we called it gone. One day after fellowship, I returned home, and when our son opened his mouth the ball was completely gone! No blood stain, no cut opening, no surgery. It was gone as if it were never there! We got on our knees and praised God!" // ANDREW

"Thank you for all the material you put up every day on healing. It has been a great source of God's Word to hide in our hearts."


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