God Cares About Us

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Have you ever asked yourself the questions, Does God really care about me? Does He know what I'm going through?

I'm sure at one time or another all of us have felt like no one cared about us and the problems we were facing in life. Maybe there's even been a time when we thought God Himself didn't care.

God does care about us. Psalm 55:22 says, "Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved."

We can cast our cares on God, and He will sustain us because we are in right standing with Him. If we will just commit our burdens to Him and keep walking with Him, His Word promises us that we cannot fail.

The enemy wants us to think about our problems and try to work them out ourselves. But once we begin to carry our burdens, then we really have problems! Difficulties may come, but we have to learn how to cast them on God so He can work them out!

There is a secret to living a peaceful life of happiness in the Lord. And it is cast all of our problems, burdens, griefs, and anxieties on the Lord! I didn't say that it would always be easy to do. It is probably one of the hardest things to do because problems have a way of grabbing our attention, and we want to try to figure them out.

You do not have to carry your burdens. There is One Who carried them for you, and His Name is Jesus. He can work out everything you commit to Him because He cares.

God wants us to be more than conquerors in life and not be weighed down with problems.Kenneth W. Hagin

God wants us to be more than conquerors in life and not be weighed down with problems. We've loaded this issue with treasures from His Word to build your faith and strengthen your heart, so you continue fighting the good fight of faith. When you're done reading the magazine, pass it along to a friend. Don't forget to share your favorite quotes from this issue on social media. #RhemaWOF

[Editor's note: This article was adapted from Kenneth W. Hagin's book Listen to Your Heart.]



Kenneth W. Hagin

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