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My brother and I went to a boxing gym. We thought we were good—until we got there! We became examples of how not to fight. But we learned and started getting good. We found that it’s not only about how hard you fight—it’s also about how wise you are during the fight.

Christians have fights, or challenges in life. Sometimes we think if we have enough faith, we can get to a place where we do not have any problems. That’s not what Jesus said! He said in this life, in this world, we will have affliction. But He also tells us to take heart because He has overcome the world (John 16:33).

Don’t overlook the fact that there will be fights. There will be problems, so we must learn how to fight. But it’s not fighting out of emotion. It’s fighting out of revelation based on the knowledge of who we are in Christ and what we have. We learn. And then we move on in our fight.

Pablo With a Problem

The revelation the Apostle Paul had of who we are in Christ was incredible! And yet it seems to me that Paul had a little problem with problems. He never seemed to have a great day. It would start well, and then—he’s shipwrecked. Another day would start great, and then—he’s getting whipped. Everywhere he went, Paul was what we call in Spanish, “a Pablo who always has a problem.”

In Acts chapter 27, Paul was a prisoner on a boat going to Rome. He warned the crew about the weather, but they ignored him. They were caught in the storm and adrift at sea for days. In verses 21–22, Paul tells them they should have listened to him but encourages them to take heart. “We’re going to be fine,” he says, “but we’re going to lose the boat.”

That’s not the message we like to hear! We want to hear, “Everything is fine. The best days are ahead.” We want to hear that we’re going to save the boat and have another boat—a bigger boat—the greatest boat ever!

But if we set our affections on the things above, we won’t care if we lose the boat. Even if a problem has repercussions, it doesn’t matter. We still have Jesus. And God will keep on supplying all our needs according to His riches in glory.

If we really know who our Father is, we will be a lot calmer! While the crew was looking for a way out and throwing things overboard, Paul didn’t look for a way out. Instead, he looked up.

Faith is loud. Faith is persistent. And faith will cause you to praise—all the time.John David Romick

Faith Is Loud

Just because you face problems doesn’t mean you are any less a faith person. Faith needs to be heard over your circumstances. If the circumstances get loud, you get louder. If the situation gets tough, then you get tougher. If the devil gets mean, then you get meaner. If the problem gets bigger and stronger, then you get bigger and stronger. You are strong in the Lord and the power of His might! That same spirit that raised Christ from the dead—the same spirit that destroyed Satan—lives in you.

Fight with attitude: “My foundation is in the Word, and God’s Word will never pass away! You may see me struggle, but you will never see me quit!” Faith is loud. Faith is persistent. And faith will cause you to praise—all the time. It will encourage others to fight too.

People are watching to see how we respond. Are we acting like problems don’t exist? Or are we acting on what we believe during a battle—and winning? Battles are opportunities if we face our problems and fight right. They showcase the One who lives inside of us— a testimony that we are children of God.

John David Romick graduated from Rhema USA in 2009. He is part of Rhema Colombia. There are Rhema Bible Training Colleges around the world! Visit to find a campus near you!



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