Dad’s Example

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Growing up, I learned so much from my dad—how to believe God, how to catch a pop fly, and how to put everything I had into everything I did. I learned by watching him.

For years, I saw him drive miles in a car to preach the Gospel. I watched him close a meeting on a Sunday night and drive all night so he could eat breakfast with the family. Then he’d get in the car again and drive another 12 or 13 hours to start a meeting. Once he drove 22 straight hours from California on old Highway 66 to be with us for one meal. That kind of endurance—that sacrifice—made me the person I am today.

Although Dad was on the road a lot, he always made time to play with us and build a relationship. When he’d come in, we would go out and hit baseballs. Dad would stand on home plate and send me out to center field. “I don’t care where the ball is,” he’d say. “You go catch it.” Then he’d hit a bushel basket of balls, and I’d throw them in. These are memories he built with me.

Dad also said, “Son, you can do anything you think you can do—anything you want to do. You can do it if you’ll keep God first in your life and use your abilities.” I don’t think there’s anything that warms a child’s heart like encouragement! When I face obstacles today, I still hear his voice encouraging me.

I treasure the times I spent with Dad. Though he went home to be with the Lord in 2003, his example of faith, his encouragement, and the endurance I saw in him are what I live by today.

Happy Father’s Day! We have a wonderful magazine for you this month, so don’t miss a single page.

PS. As we and our Canadian neighbors celebrate our nations’ freedom this July, let’s thank God for the spiritual freedom that was bought and paid for by the precious blood of Jesus.



Kenneth W. Hagin

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