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Choosing a college can be exciting, yet making the transition might be difficult. Students can easily become burned out trying to juggle classes, work, and family. The temptation to quit becomes real. And sadly, too many never finish.

At Rhema Bible Training College, we are determined to help every student to finish strong.

RBTC Circle Groups are one way to enhance your success. These groups help you form friendships, find peer support through prayer, and become meaningfully connected to student life.

Because we care about your future, being a part of a Circle Group is integrated into your college experience.

Circle Groups are made up of classmates and are led by handpicked students full of prayer, faith, and expectation. These leaders can field questions, address personal concerns, or connect you to one of our caring staff members for additional guidance.

“The purpose of Circle Groups is to have a Rhema family inside the classroom, and a Rhema family outside the classroom,” says Christy Wicks, Rhema Bible Training College Recruitment Administrator. “We not only want the students to leave here with what God has for them but also with connections and strong friendships. So wherever God takes them, they have people to lean on.”

At a big university or college, it may be hard to find someone to talk to, but at Rhema, you’re never alone on your educational journey.

Starting college is the easy part. Let us help you finish strong. Be a part of a school that cares. Apply now to Rhema Bible Training College.

Join the Rhema family.

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“I met my best friend in my circle group! And made many other life-long friendships.

We’re always checking in on each other. We are like family!” —Christina

Starting college is the easy part. Let us help you finish strong.

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