Your Faith Will See You Through

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MY HEART HAS always been to help and encourage God’s people wherever they may be in life. Let’s face it—at some time or another, we are all confronted with challenging circumstances. It’s not our own strength that will put us over. We need something more.

The Bible is filled with stories of men and women who were ordinary people just like you and me. These people faced insurmountable obstacles. Yet their faith in God brought them through to victory every time.

They came from all walks of life and every stratum of society: Abraham, the father of many nations; Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego—princes of Israel; Samson, a man chosen by God to do a mighty work in Israel; blind Bartimaeus—a poor, hopeless wretch who lived by the side of the road begging alms of those more fortunate than he; the woman with an issue of blood—an ordinary woman who dared to believe God; the paralyzed man who would not let circumstances daunt his faith—and his four friends who demonstrated their unity of faith; and the man at the Gate Beautiful, who refused to take his eyes off the goal.

Faith Doesn’t Quit

These are only a few of the ordinary men and women written about in the Bible who had great faith in God. They had every opportunity to quit when life seemed to be stacked against them. By looking at the way they handled the tests and trials they faced, we can learn valuable lessons for our own “fight of faith.”

These men and women had great faith because they didn’t give up when confronted with what seemed impossible. They tenaciously held on to their faith in God—no matter what. They knew what it meant to struggle to believe God in the face of contradictory circumstances. But instead of quitting when challenged, they each made a far-reaching decision. They chose to press on and trust God despite every contradiction!

Each of us at some time will deal with the same choice. Everything around us may look bleak and it may seem impossible to receive what God has promised. But will we abandon all hope in His promises? Or will we make the same decision as these men and women?

"Your faith in God will always see you through—no matter what the difficulty, trial, or circumstance."
Kenneth W. Hagin

Faith Leads to Success

Let us be encouraged by their lives—the victories, the pitfalls, the trying circumstances, and the struggles. Through everything, they endured. They kept their faith in God strong in the face of opposition. Their faith in Him was the secret to their success. Their faith in a faithful God caused them to be overcomers. They believed He would bring them through every difficulty into what He had promised them.

Time after time, we see in the Word that these godly men and women realized they could not
receive God’s best for them if they quit trusting Him. Quitting would gain them nothing, but wholeheartedly following Him would gain them everything! Each of them had to decide whether to give up or keep on trusting God and walking in His ways. They had to decide that, even when it seemed impossible for His promises to be fulfilled. Quitting would have been the easy way out. It took faith to stand! IN EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE, IT WAS PERSEVERANCE OF FAITH THAT BROUGHT THEM THROUGH.

These men and women did not live problem-free lives. But when they faced adversity, they tenaciously believed God. And in God’s strength, they overcame every trial.

Your faith in God will always see you through—no matter what the difficulty, trial, or circumstance. However high that mountain seems, with God’s help, you can overcome it!


Kenneth W. Hagin

Kenneth W. Hagin

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