Why We Need a Personal Knowledge of God

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Why We Need a Personal Knowledge of God

We frequently hear the term “the knowledge of the Lord.” According to Colossians 1:9–10, God desires that we are filled with the knowledge of Him and His will. When the knowledge of the Lord fills the land, the Spirit of God will manifest Himself mightily!

The Bible tells us that God chose to dwell in human vessels. So, the human vessels He indwells need to be filled with the knowledge of God before it can fill the earth!

We all need to have a personal knowledge of God. You shouldn’t let someone stand behind a pulpit and tell you about God without your getting involved in knowing Him yourself. With your own eyes, read and devour the Word. Find out for yourself what God’s Word has to say about your life in Christ.

The Gospel is simple. Man’s theology and religion have tried to make it difficult. But in Jesus’ earthly ministry, He always kept His teaching simple. And yet in His simplicity, Jesus was profound. Man’s theology didn’t bring you into a personal relationship with God. The Word of God did. And through the knowledge of God and His Word, you can maintain a lifestyle of victory and success because you know the Victor and the Conqueror—Jesus!

Part of knowing God is meditating on His Word and putting it into operation in your everyday life. For example, you can know the keys on a musical keyboard. But until you actually begin to play those keys, no music will come forth. It’s operating in the knowledge you have that produces results.

We as the Body of Christ need to get a hold of the knowledge of God as we devour the scriptures for ourselves. Then we can each operate in our place filled with the knowledge of God. As we do, the whole earth will be filled with the knowledge of God, and mighty demonstrations of His power and glory will come upon the earth!


Kenneth W. Hagin

Kenneth W. Hagin

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