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Thank You Word Partners for 50 Years of The Word of Faith

FOR HALF A CENTURY, The Word of Faith magazine has served as a standard of uncompromised truth and a lifeline of hope to people around the world. Since the first issue was printed in April 1968, the magazine has been a major part of fulfilling the mandate God gave to Kenneth E. Hagin to "Go teach my people faith."

Because of the generosity of our Word Partners, thousands of lives continue to be transformed through the printed page. More than 235,000 copies of this free monthly publication are mailed each month. It is also available online.

Filled with powerful teaching articles, inspiring testimonies, and timely words of wisdom and encouragement from Kenneth W. and Lynette Hagin, The Word of Faith continues to fulfill its original vision of establishing people in God's Word. Through the anointed, faith-filled words on its pages, unbelievers are coming to know Jesus and believers are gaining a deeper understanding of who they are in Christ.

Throughout the years, we've received countless testimonies from people telling us how The Word of Faith has impacted their lives. Here is a glimpse of what your faithful support is producing in the lives of people around the globe today.


"I have been receiving your magazine for years. The article "The Cinderella Seven" inspired me more than you know. I retired from the military in 2008 and started the process to become a Veterans Affairs chaplain in 2009.

It has been a very difficult journey and I had pretty much given up. THE ARTICLE INSPIRED ME TO KEEP GOINGand I will continue to do so. Praise our awesome God! I am so grateful to our God for who He is and what He has done. I just wanted to let you know. Thank you and God Bless." // KRAIG

"It [The Word of Faith] is a good PART OF MY DAILY DEVOTIONAL. I read it while commuting to and from work on the city bus. Which in turn leads me to witness to people, because oftentimes someone will ask me what I'm reading, or they'll ask me if I believe what I'm reading. Most importantly, the articles help me in my daily walk. They are very inspirational.

I look forward to Heart to Heart by Kenneth W. Hagin. BECAUSE OF THIS MAGAZINE, I'VE GONE FROM CRACK TO CHRIST. I'm no longer homeless and eating from trash dumpsters. God used this vessel to reach me in the gutter. And with that I have to give thanks and praise to the Lord Jesus Christ and His faithful servants." // JEFFERY

"The magazine has richly blessed me spiritually. Even now I read the back issues from 27 years ago and receive a fresh blessing every time. THANKS FOR THIS PRECIOUS RESOURCE. God bless you all." // NITIN

"The magazine seems to ALWAYS ARRIVE AND BRING THE WORD I NEED AT JUST THE RIGHT TIME. God's faithful reminder that He is always with us." // MARK

"[The magazine] has impacted me greatly! Especially the times when I was struggling or hurting, THE ARTICLES GAVE ME HOPE!" // CHARITY

"The Word of Faith magazine is ANOINTED MATERIAL that I look forward to receiving each month. It is a source of truth, life, inspiration, and confirmation. Thanks for adding value to my life through your magazine!" // ROSHALLIE

"It has KEPT ME STEADY when I was wobbling and held me up when I was falling. It has kept me going when I was faltering and encouraged me when I was down. It's been a joyful friend as I was overcoming." // LINDA

"YOUR MAGAZINE HAS BEEN A BLESSING TO US SINCE 1976! Our faith continues to grow. Thank You!" // NICK AND MILLE


"As missionaries, The Word of Faith magazine has been one of OUR CONSTANT LIFELINES TO HOME. We have drawn inspiration and strength from the messages and testimonies. Thank you." // JACK AND RUTH

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