Kindle the Flame 2020: You Are a Survivor!

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Women were on fire for God at Lynette Hagin’s Kindle the Flame® Women’s Conference! For the first time, the conference was open to both in-person and private virtual attendees. The crowd embodied what Lynette Hagin brought as her theme: I AM A SURVIVOR!

Emboldened by the Word that was ministered, freedom and healing flooded every session, and the traditional Candlelight, Prayer & Praise service capped the conference with reverence and worship.

Make plans to attend Kindle the Flame September 23–25, 2021! In the meantime, enjoy these highlights.

We’re Going to Win!

Lynette Hagin

There’s nothing like a bunch of women standing together against the enemy! Although he is defeated, we can’t stop praying. Right now, we’re on the defensive and have to catch up! Too many have been lackadaisical. We thought we would use our faith to make revival happen. It’s not going to happen by our faith; it’s going to happen by our prayers!

We’re going to win and see that mighty revival! It’s going to hit across this nation and around the world. We are seeing many young people, and we need to have the same excitement! In my lifetime, I heard the saints say, “Oh honey, you’ll lose your joy after a while.” I haven’t lost my joy. I haven’t lost my enthusiasm. I haven’t lost my mission!

We’re going to make the devil run! Jesus already conquered him, and he’s under our feet. So why are you trembling? The devil is afraid of you! It takes each of our voices, every one of us coming together in love, harmony, and one accord.

I thank You, Father, for the anointing of the power of God. It shall be manifested in the lives of these women as they go forth and proclaim that Jesus saves, Jesus heals, and Jesus is coming again. Such a BOLDNESS will come from their mouths! We shall see a mighty revival come forth.

Be Brave!

Denise Hagin Burns

When Peter walked on the water, before Jesus said, “Come join me,” He said, “Be brave” (Matt. 14:22–32 TPT). I think Jesus was saying, “All right, Peter. You know you want to come walk with Me in the deep. You’ve got to be brave.” That’s how life is sometimes. Jesus says, “Be brave. Come join Me!”

Jesus could have toned down the waves. He did that another time and said, “Peace be still.” He has the power to calm a storm. But notice, He didn’t do that this time. He only said, “Be brave.” Sometimes you have to walk in the storm, and Jesus needs you to be brave.

This Christian lifestyle is not for the faint of heart! That’s why you have to deal with your insecurities and issues—it hinders you from being brave and walking in the fullness that God has for you. You have to take care of your soul—your mind, will, and emotions.

You can have faith all day long, but if you don’t take care of your issues, you will be held back every time. It will creep up and cause you to shrink back, make poor decisions, hurt other people, and hurt yourself.

Sometimes you need help, and there’s no shame in that! God has called people to be therapists and counselors. They will help you heal your soul.

“The Holy Spirit is accelerating things and causing it to happen quicker. He’s making up for lost time—mistakes that we’ve made, times where we missed it. Thank God for His mercies! Three words came up in my heart. Separate! Saturate! Participate! I want to stand before my Maker, my Father God and say, ‘I heard You! I listened! And I obeyed. I did what You said. I accomplished and fulfilled what You told me to do.’” —Lynette Estrada

“God is after your heart. All of us have had to deal with some form of brokenness in our lives. God is the master rebuilder. He wants to rebuild your life to where you are unrecognizable to yourself. But the Holy Spirit must deal with the root of the hurts and fix them. God wants you to experience true healing and freedom. But you must give Him all your heart and soul so He can completely transform you.” —Marci Glisson

“One of the main things God is doing today is emphasizing the local body of believers. He wants to build strong local churches. He wants church members to learn how to flow in the Spirit. The church does not exist for believers; believers exist for the church. The number one thing Christians need to realize is that they were made for the local church. God is not just at work; He is doing His work through you.” —Lois Taucher

“Joy is a spiritual force. It’s not based on circumstances or on whether you are in quarantine. It’s a force inside every believer! It’s been a long time since some of you have laughed. When you laugh, your enemy runs. Raise the roof with praise for God! When you release joy in your laughter, the strongholds of the devil come down. Laugh at the strongholds the devil said would never move. Laughter is a powerful force.” —Brenda Thomas

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