Picture Yourself Healed

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Kenneth W. HaginMany of us have heard it taught that our words frame our world, but how many of us … Read More

Discover What the Word Says

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Kenneth W. HaginA person can’t receive from God beyond his actual knowledge of God’s Word. So to develop faith for … Read More

The Double Cure

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Kenneth E. HaginOur redemption in Christ is twofold. Jesus not only died for our sins on the Cross of Calvary, … Read More

Possessing the Promise of Healing

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Kenneth E. HaginDivine healing is an accomplished fact. It is a gift, like salvation, already paid for at Calvary. Have … Read More

Back to the Basics

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Kenneth W. HaginNo matter how well we know a subject, if we don’t continue to practice or review what we … Read More

Healing in His Name

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The Body of Christ has a treasure, but many believers don’t realize it. You can ask believers, “Does the Name … Read More

God’s Healing Mercies

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MANY PEOPLE have the wrong impression about the nature and character of God. They imagine Him as some mean fellow … Read More

The Team That Conquers Sickness

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THE STORY of the paralytic in Luke chapter 5 has been a favorite of mine for years. I have marveled … Read More

The Space in Between

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KNOWING THAT healing already belongs to us is an important truth every Christian needs to understand. When Jesus died on the … Read More