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Kenneth W. Hagin

A person can’t receive from God beyond his actual knowledge of God’s Word. So to develop faith for healing, you must discover what the Word says about it.

Then meditate upon those scriptures until your heart is settled on the fact that healing is God’s will for you!

It’s important that you don’t hinder your prayers, saying, “If it be Thy will.” God has already made His will known concerning healing, so approach Him on the authority of His Word. James 1:6 says we are to “. . . ask in faith, nothing wavering . . . ,” or we will not receive what we desire from Him.

Continually confess and believe that “by Jesus’ stripes, I was healed”—nothing wavering—and meditate on Isaiah 53:5, First Peter 2:24, and Matthew 8:17. Then as First John 5:14–15 states, be confident (1) that you’ve prayed according to God’s will; (2) that He has heard you; and (3) that you have the petition you desire of Him!

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