Revival: The Cry of the Hour

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THE SPIRIT OF GOD is moving mightily in revival on the earth today. In the midst of this growing revival, the Holy Spirit is stirring up and awakening the hearts of supernaturally minded, God-called people. They are awakening to the call to be part of the greatest move of God's Spirit this world has ever known.

From the rich to the poor, from the business executive to the blue-collar worker, God is calling the young and old alike. Spiritually hungry

believers are rising above the fog of tradition and natural thinking by coming into the Presence of God. Their heart's desire is to learn how to walk in the reality of God's supernatural power and glory. They are stirring their hearts up for revival!

Evil Is Increasing

If ever we needed our hearts to be stirred up to seek revival, it is now. In these last days before Jesus comes, evil is increasing all around us. Never before have sin, sickness, hatred, strife, wars, famine, and earthquakes occurred on the earth to the degree we see them today.

What are we believers doing while evil increases? Some may say, "We're rejoicing in the Lord!" Others say, "We're making our confessions according to the Word." That's good, but while we're rejoicing and making our good confessions, people are becoming more bound by the devil. And the world is moving toward greater chaos and destruction.
Rejoicing in the Lord and confessing the Word are important to our spiritual walk. But let's make sure we aren't being selfish in our rejoicing and our faith. We should be using our faith to reach others with the Gospel, not just to heap material blessings upon ourselves.

Every second the clock ticks another person dies somewhere in the world. Did that person know God? Did believers even try to reach him with the Gospel? Or were they too busy with their own personal affairs to reach out and tell that one who was on his way to hell about Jesus?

Let's not lose sight of the true purpose for which we've been called. We must fulfill our divine call to bring those who are in bondage to Satan, sin, and sickness into the liberating knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We must answer the call to put aside selfishness and go into the world to save those who would otherwise be lost for eternity.

Revival is the cry of the hour. Don't fail to take your place. Answer your call!Kenneth W. Hagin

Operating in the Supernatural

Even though you are called doesn't mean you can make revival happen in your own power. But you can rise up and answer your call, equipped with the authority of God's Word and His supernatural power. Only then can you overcome the devil's tactics and help reach the world for Jesus in this generation. The devil has some power, but he's no match for you when you know how to walk in the supernatural power of God.

The Church is awakening itself from spiritual slumber as people hunger for truth and for a demonstration of God's power on the earth. Spiritually hungry believers look for those who will stand strong and boldly speak the Word of truth with signs and wonders following. They aren't interested in listening to ministers who give flowery speeches and only talk about doing the greater works of Jesus, but never do them.

People are eagerly seeking men and women of faith who really know God and can teach them by example how to walk in the supernatural power of God! That power is available to you. If your motives are right—if your only desire is to lift up Jesus and build the Kingdom of God—when you call upon God's power to work for you, it will remove the obstacles Satan has placed in your path. And God's power will supernaturally set people free and bring revival on the scene!

Judge Yourself

Fulfilling your part in God's plan for revival depends on whether you live a holy life from a pure heart. You won't be able to successfully answer God's call with sin in your life. If we're going to experience true revival, we first need to clean up our camp by repenting of sin (Deut. 23:14).

Repentance always precedes revival. The Bible says judgment begins at the house of God (1 Peter 4:17). If we want to succeed in fulfilling God's call on our lives, we must judge ourselves and repent of anything that isn't pleasing to God.

Ungodliness will keep you out of fellowship with God and keep you from achieving everything He has for you. Never allow yourself to become complacent about sin in your life or about the things of God. Complacency—spiritual sloth and laziness—is a deadly poison that kills revival.

Requirements for Revival

There are some requirements we must fulfill to see revival explode in our generation. First, we must be spiritually hungry for more of God. Revival comes when the Church is hungry to see souls won into God's Kingdom. It comes when both ministers and laypeople alike dare to pay the price to seek the Lord the way great men and women of God have done in times past. When God's flame of revival burns inside us, we won't be content to sit around and do nothing for the Lord.

Secondly, before we experience a spiritual awakening, we must learn to pray persistently until victory comes. We'll have to spend time praying for the lost! We won't be concerned with praying for just our own needs to be met. Our hearts will burn with the desire to pray for others and minister to their needs.

Thirdly, to experience revival we must be committed to what God has called us to do. We must completely sell out to God, giving Him everything we are and everything we possess. We must be committed to obey God and fulfill our part in His master plan. We should be willing to say, "Lord, I'll obey Your call. I'll preach, witness, or help behind the scenes. I'll do whatever You want me to do."

Determine to be the success God intends you to be. Allow the wind of the Holy Spirit to blow through your heart and cause the desire for revival to burn brightly. Always depend on God's supernatural power and never try to bring about revival in your own strength. Determine to do the greater works of Jesus and not just talk about them. Revival is the cry of the hour. Don't fail to take your place. Answer your call!



Kenneth W. Hagin


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