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Campmeeting Testimonies

IN JANUARY 1973, the Lord woke Kenneth E. Hagin and told him to hold a special event in the spirit of the old-time camp meetings. It was to be a time where BELIEVERS RECEIVED MINISTRY FROM THE WORD OF GOD REINFORCED BY POWERFUL MOVES OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.

Forty-five years later, the Holy Spirit is still moving at Campmeeting! For one power-packed week each July, people come from around the world

to the Rhema USA campus where they immerse themselves in the Word and Spirit of God. EVERY SERVICE IS FILLED WITH POWERFUL PRAISE AND WORSHIP, RICH TEACHING, AND LIFE-CHANGING IMPARTATIONS. It is an awesome time to get away and get refreshed, receive divine direction, and experience the operation of the Holy Spirit.

Many PEOPLE MAKE CAMPMEETING THEIR ANNUAL FAMILY VACATION because there are services for youth and children as well. The fun-filled children's services are packed with creatively taught Bible lessons, activities, games, and crafts. The Summer Blitz youth services are filled with relevant Bible teaching, anointed worship, and plenty of fun and games for 6th–12th graders. It's an awesome experience that can change their lives!

At Campmeeting, there's SOMETHING FOR EVERY AGE, STAGE, AND GENERATION. But don't just take our word for it! See what people are saying about this life-changing week.

I just graduated from high school, and I WOULD COMPARE CAMPMEETING TO SUMMER CAMP FOR ADULTS!Austin, Alabama

"The Word is so powerful. I love being able to be free in the Spirit. One of the best parts is getting to MEET NEW PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD!" // DANA, OKLAHOMA

"I love it. I just graduated from high school, and I WOULD COMPARE CAMPMEETING TO SUMMER CAMP FOR ADULTS!" // AUSTIN, ALABAMA

"This was my first Campmeeting, and it was awesome! THE WORD WAS SO RICH. I enjoyed the praise and worship and the atmosphere. I'm definitely going to have to make this an annual event in my life." // BONITA, DELAWARE

"I've been coming to Campmeeting since 1977. I've only missed two or three since then. THIS IS WHERE I FIRST LEARNED THAT GOD LOVED ME. Campmeeting builds me up and gets me through another year. It's just good." // PEGGY, OKLAHOMA

"I find that AT CAMPMEETING YOU GET WHAT YOU NEED. You get filled with the Word of God, built up, and hear the word you need to continue. It inspires you to move on and do great things for the Kingdom of God." // MAARIT, CANADA

"It has been amazing all week—just getting filled, refreshed, and the vision getting stirred back up in me again. Being here made me realize IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW BIG THE MOUNTAIN IS, GOD IS BIGGER." // AMANDA, WISCONSIN

"When I arrived on the Rhema USA campus, I felt like the devil was stomping on me. Yet I knew I MUST BE AT CAMPMEETING TO KEEP AN APPOINTMENT WITH GOD. He reminded me of so many things during the week! I am ready to go out again to be a devil-stomping missionary!" // DENISE, AFRICA

"I was in a car accident. The doctors told me I had a crack in my pelvic bone. I was in pain for months and couldn't bend over to touch the floor. HANDS WERE LAID ON ME DURING ONE OF THE SERVICES, AND I FELT INSTANT RELIEF. I can now touch the floor. I'm free!" // KINGSLEY, NIGERIA

"CAMPMEETING WAS AWESOME! It was freeing and touched on some things I've been dealing with. And I let 'em go!" // GWEN, OKLAHOMA

"It's a privilege to be at Campmeeting—a treasure! It is amazing. LIFE CHANGING!" // WICHER AND LENA, NETHERLANDS

Summer Blitz Testimonies

"I've been to Summer Blitz four times. I had known Jesus and the Holy Spirit before that, but THIS IS WHERE IT REALLY GETS IGNITED!" // XAVIER

"Summer Blitz makes me WANT TO READ THE BIBLE even more." // ELIJAH

"One night the speaker talked about the fire of God and everyone was dancing. I felt it in my bones. IT WAS LIKE A FIERY PASSION FOR THE THINGS OF GOD. It was very inspiring. It made me want to knock on God's door and say, 'I'm here! I'm here!' " // NIIA


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