Parents: Peer Pressure Is Beatable

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Parents: Peer Pressure Is Beatable
As a new school year begins, chances are that your child will encounter peer pressure as a student. It can be positive: a friend challenges them to excel in a particular subject. Or it can be negative: a friend encourages your child to skip class or attend a party where there will be drugs. Either way your child will make a choice—one that will keep them on God’s path or lead them astray.

You can help your child stay on the right path. D.K. Hall, the youth pastor at Rhema Bible Church, shares 5 ways parents can help their children say no to negative peer pressure and honor God.

1. Listen to Them

Make them feel comfortable. Respect what your child shares. Even if what they are going through seems small, really listen. It gives them confidence to come up with a solution for themselves. Then help build up that solution.

2. Point Them to Jesus

Remind them that Jesus faced temptations too. He was tempted to give up His future and what He believed in. Despite pressure, Jesus overcame.

Help your child think about what they gain when they say no to temptation like Jesus did. Encourage a positive mindset that says yes to peace, love, joy, God’s plan, and all the blessings that come with it.

3. Pray for Them

Parents can start with the prayers found in the Book of Ephesians. Pray for wisdom and revelation. Ask God to help your child understand His love and the future He has for them.

4. Be the Example

Model the behavior you want to see in your children. When they see you reading your Bible, worshipping the Lord, and praying at home, they learn to handle situations the same way.

5. Help Them Choose Good Friends

Help your child get involved in a youth group and gain friends that are good for them. They can connect with people who know the Word and be around kids that believe the same way they do. With a good support group, negative peer pressure can be overcome!


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