Let’s Be Grateful

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The Bible says that every good and perfect gift—every good thing—comes from God
(James 1:17). When we realize that, we become more conscious of God’s love. Even when our circumstances are negative, we can find something positive to thank Him for.

I have practiced this habit of thanksgiving all my life. For example, every time I drive into my driveway at home, I raise my hand and breathe a prayer to God. I tell Him, “Thank You for this house. It’s my haven. It’s a refuge and a place of rest and refreshing for Lynette and me. Thank You, Father.”

I continually thank God for the wife, children, and grandchildren He has given me. And I thank Him that they’re all healthy and strong.

It’s important to thank God for the blessings we have. I’ve found that when we’re grateful for what He’s already given us, He gives us more. But when we murmur, gripe, and complain, we’re expressing doubt and unbelief. And He can’t bless us when we’re in that position.

When we constantly thank God and praise Him for what we have, it strengthens our faith and blesses those around us. And our praise also blesses the Father. The Bible says He inhabits the praises of His people (Ps. 22:3). We are His children, He is our very own Father, and He dwells in our praise!

Being grateful is a form of praise. Naturally speaking, we enjoy giving things to people who appreciate them. And God is the same way.

Let’s begin this new year with grateful hearts. Let’s acknowledge His goodness and thank Him in every situation, no matter what we are going through.

We’ve put together a great magazine for you this month. I hope it will help you start 2023 well. Live gratefully. And may this be your best year ever!



Kenneth W. Hagin

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