Kindle the Flame 2014: A New Season

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Ladies who attended this year’s Kindle the Flame Women’s Conference didn’t come just to hear a few pretty words. They came expecting to receive from God. And a tangible anointing followed their expectation in every service and workshop.

Throughout the three-day conference, ladies learned how to think the right thoughts by continually washing themselves with the water of the Word. They discovered the importance of staying filled, refilled, and overflowing with the power of the Holy Ghost. They were encouraged that no hindrance from Satan can stop them from fulfilling God’s plan for their lives. And their eyes were opened to the reality that the alarm is sounding: Jesus is coming soon! As. Lynette Hagin told the ladies on Saturday night, “It’s about to become a new season. And I believe God has been preparing us for this new season this weekend.”

Here’s just a taste of what women experienced during this awesome weekend. Be sure to join us next year for Kindle the Flame 2015, to be held September 24-26 on the Rhema campus in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Kindle the Flame Speaker Highlights

“We become what we think. To change our thought patterns, we have to work on our minds every day. Our thoughts must be centered around God and His Word. Because if we can’t win the battle in our minds, we will never win the battle in the world.” //Lynette Hagin

“Your life will always go in the direction of your strongest thought. That’s why you have to control your thoughts.” //Denise Burns, From the Workshop “Finding Your Happy Place: Chasing the Depression Blues Away”

“The mission and commission God gave through Jesus is impossible to fulfill without the Holy Spirit. There isn’t anything like the Holy Spirit to fill you.” //Patsy Cameneti

“We can’t hit the snooze button on our life, our calling, or sharing our faith with other people. Our Groom, Jesus, is coming back!” //Rhonda Rogers

“You will never be what God wants you to be until you do what He tells you to do. You have to be bold in the face of adversity.” //Lois Taucher

“Take baby steps to become organized. Don’t try to tackle the whole mountain range. Just pick a little project to start with.” //Lynette Hagin & Denise Burns, From “Heart to Heart With Lynette & Denise”

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