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Winter Bible Seminar & Rhema Homecoming 2018

THOUSANDS GATHERED for Winter Bible Seminar and Rhema Homecoming 2018. Despite the recurring wind, rain, and even a little ice, there was constant warmth throughout the week as the Rhema family mixed and mingled. Events for various groups from Word Partner members to RBTC alumni strengthened bonds. Invigorating messages, timely words of wisdom, and powerful prayer refreshed the international crowd. Whether online or on land, people participated in the services, salvations, rededications, infillings of the Holy Spirit, and healings. It was truly a family of believers reconnecting, caring, and growing together. Here's a sampling of what attendees heard.

What Does the Covenant Say?

"In our western culture, we don't understand covenants as much as other cultures do. We use contracts—signed legal documents. A contract can be broken, but a covenant cannot. WE NEED TO REALIZE THAT WE HAVE A COVENANT! I don't care what the enemy is doing to disrupt it—he cannot break the covenant we have with God through Jesus Christ. Too many people are living far below their covenant rights. They are trying to get by the best way they can. That's not our covenant. If we don't know anything about the covenant, we won't live in the full rights and privileges of it. We must rise up, begin to understand our covenant, and walk in it. We are covenant people!" // KENNETH W. HAGIN

Are You Ready for a Mighty Revival?

"Before Jesus returns, there will be a mighty revival. But FOR REVIVAL TO COME INTO ITS FULLNESS, WE HAVE TO GET READY BY LIVING HOLY, CONSECRATED LIVES. We have to reject the things of this world that contaminate us. How do we do this? By polishing ourselves with the Word of God. By communing with our Heavenly Father and living godly. We are not slaves to sin but to the resurrection power of God! We are to be slaves to righteous living so that we will be holy." // LYNETTE HAGIN 

For revival to come into its fullness, we have to get ready by living holy, consecrated lives.Lynette Hagin

The Bible Is Your Game Plan for Life

"A coach prepares by finding the opponent's tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses. He's not surprised when he goes into the game, and they do what they normally do. You have to be prepared for your enemy, the devil. JOHN 10:10 IS LIKE A SCOUTING REPORT. Jesus is letting you know there's a real enemy, and he's mean. He steals, kills, and destroys. Don't be shocked. Do something about it! YOU'VE GOT THE BIBLE, THE PLAYBOOK, THE GAME PLAN." // CRAIG W. HAGIN

The Lifestyle of Peace

"Peace is a choice. Psalm 34:14 (NIV) tells us to, 'seek peace and pursue it.' Experiencing peace is not passive. We have an active part to play in experiencing it every day. LIVING IN CONTINUAL PEACE HAS MORE TO DO WITH US THAN WITH THE LORD. It's up to us to take our thoughts captive and not allow ourselves to live in the 'what-ifs.' Pursuing peace never stops—it's a life-long process." // DENISE HAGIN BURNS

Morning Speakers

"Many people think they are in faith, but they are trying not trusting. The fight of faith is resting in what God has done." // KIRK DUBOIS

"Life and death are in the power of the tongue. Our tongue can be our greatest ally on the planet. What we say is important. Let's not get casual with our mouths." // JOE DUININCK

"When the storms of life come, what you've been consistently saying will automatically come out. It's the words that we say and believe every day that bring victory." // TAD GREGURICH

"Righteousness is a free gift. Once it's obtained, it must be maintained. It is possible for your righteousness to deteriorate to the point that it doesn't function to the fullest potential." // DOUG JONES

"The enemy tries to stir up opposition and persecution when God opens doors of opportunity. Never allow opposition to be a determining factor to know whether open doors are from God." // TONY MCKINNON

"Some Christians make decisions by taking a chance. God has not called us to walk by chance. He has called us to walk by faith, guided by the Word." // BILL RAY

"God hasn't started a work in you so He can set you on a shelf. He is doing a work in you because He wants to do a work through you." // DAN TAYLOR

"Your thoughts should always be on the Word. Why? Because faith—an ability to believe and reach out and grab the promises of God—is developed on the inside of you. // MARVIN YODER

Rhema Kids

The theme "Superheroes" for Rhema Kids brought powerful worship and ministry. Kids learned the following: 1) they are "superheroes" through Christ because of the cross; 2) Satan, the villain is defeated; 3) they can use the sword of the Spirit; and 4) there's nothing greater than the power of love.

On the final night, the kids broke out in spontaneous worship. The power of God was strong as the Lord ministered to each one individually. Many were on their knees or standing with eyes closed and hands raised, lost in the presence of God. There were testimonies of salvations, healings, and deliverance from fear. It was a super week in Rhema Kids!

Youth Winter Blitz

JV and Varsity Youth combined for a dynamic week at Winter Blitz 2018! D.K. Hall, Varsity director, and Chris Campbell, JV director, spoke to the youth about faith—what it is, the importance of speaking faith, how faith works by love, and their authority and position in Christ. A special altar call was given for the students to speak boldly to the mountains in their lives. As a result, many were instantly healed and set free. It was a powerful and miraculous week of forgiveness, repentance, faith, and healing for both students and leaders alike.


"Rhema USA is like our home. We come here to get refreshed, get our marching orders, and be able to continue in the power of the Holy Ghost and the fire of God." // TANYA, CRIMEA

"We have made it our aim to always come back for Winter Bible Seminar. It creates due north for our compass." // ADRIANNE, UKRAINE

[Editor's note: This article was adapted from Kenneth W. Hagin's book Listen to Your Heart.]

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