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Although God placed pastors in the Church, no pastor can carry out God’s plan alone. They need the help of loyal people who are supportive of their vision, willing to work in unity, and committed to the local church. It takes everyone working together to get the job done!

I like to think of God’s plan for how the local church functions as a jigsaw puzzle. All the pieces fit together to create a picture that cannot be seen in the individual pieces alone.

I once worked on a 3,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. I started by putting together the outside border and fit as many pieces as I could into their proper places. Eventually, enough of the puzzle pieces were filled in, so it was easy to recognize what the picture was supposed to be. But there were still several gaps from the pieces I hadn’t connected yet. I had parts of puzzle pieces joined together, ready to fill an empty space. But I couldn’t fit them in until the other pieces were in place!

That’s a good illustration of how some believers are in relation to the local church. They are like missing pieces of a puzzle. They aren’t “hooked up” to a local body of believers, and they aren’t contributing to the plan of God for that church. Those Christians are outside the framework that God intended.

Every piece of the puzzle is important. If one piece is missing, the picture will not be complete! In the same way, your presence, talents, and service are needed to complete the overall picture of a local body.

You are a vital part of God’s plan for the local church, and there is a place that only you can fill. I don’t know what your place is, that’s between you and God. But the important thing is to find your proper position in the “puzzle,” get in it, and serve God faithfully in that capacity.

October is Pastor Appreciation Month in the United States. Be sure to celebrate, thank, and express appreciation for your pastor.



Kenneth W. Hagin

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