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God is reaching His hand down from Heaven, saying, "My child, here's all you will ever need to have happiness, godliness, and a joyous life on earth. Here it is!"

You can look at that hand and say, "Oh, I wish that were so. Wouldn't that be nice!" Or you can, by faith, reach up and grab hold of all the provisions of life God's hand is offering you.

With your other hand, grab hold of the things that hinder you from enjoying godliness, health, wealth, and happiness. Your faith will activate God's power and that power will flow through you to set you free from those hindrances.

Never release your hold on God as He reaches down and offers the provision of life to you.

You see, God is not going to hit you over the head and say, "My child, get in line. Here it is. Take it." He's not going to drop it on you. He's not going to spoon-feed you and force it down your mouth. No, all He's going to do is offer it. It's there.

You must take it by faith. Faith takes.

And after faith takes, faith never turns loose. And because faith never turns loose, it leads to success by the power of God.

Another thing faith does is rejoice. It rejoices now—not when it happens or manifests. So go ahead and rejoice!

As you walk this great walk of faith never again say, "I don't know if I'm going to make it or not."

From now on, talk in faith and take it by faith. It may look bleak, but never relinquish your hold. Once you start out in faith, hold fast to your confession and praise God all the way to victory.

Let this month's issue encourage you to follow God wholeheartedly. Lynette wrote an article that shows you how to find joy and contentment in Christ. My article explains what Rhema is: a word, a place, and a worldwide family with the mandate to "Go teach My people faith." Enjoy this issue.



Kenneth W. Hagin


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