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JUST FOR FUN, I was thinking about who I would have drafted if I coached in the biblical days. I'd take David in the first-round draft pick. He had no fear. He attacked a giant as if it was no big deal. Then I'd take Abraham. He was fully persuaded and coachable.

I said, "God, I want to coach and train and help more Davids and Abrahams. Help me to do that." And I began to see how they were focused. They were dialed in to their covenant—like a scope!

God used a case study about accuracy in war to teach me. Soldiers used a phrase when it came to gunfire: "spray and pray." But later with study and training, they dramatically improved their accuracy and now focus on "one shot." God asked me, "Which are you?"

Are you a sprayer and prayer? Or are you dialed in and focused?

I thought about all the confessions and prayers. Now there's nothing wrong with a lot of prayers, but dial it in. Jesus taught it. Paul prayed it. In other words, "Lord let them see. Let them focus in on this. Adjust their vision so they can see clearly."

Dial It In!

While this was happening, I was studying and praying about authority when the Lord said, "Dial it in." I knew what He meant. I'd go between praying in the Spirit and going to the Word. And then I saw it—the blood! There would be no authority without the blood of Jesus!

Just as I started to focus on the blood, I heard in my spirit, "Dial it in." So when I dialed in more, I saw it—covenant! Blood had to be shed because of covenant. And God said to me, "You want to teach and train more Davids and Abrahams? You've got to know covenant." They were covenant minded! It was in their thoughts and mouths all the time. It's why they were champions.

I'm sure you've heard of God's Covenant. But is it on your mind right now? Does it come out of your mouth every time you pray, every time you confess, every time you speak to God? When you are covenant minded, there is no more "spraying and praying!" You're focused!

The Lord said to me, "I want you to continue to dial it in. There are people who will say, 'I'm in covenant. I'm born again. And God's not doing these things for me.' But you've got to know the legality of the thing."

So as I'm dialing it in more, God said, "I am a just God. I am the Judge. And everything has to be legal. I will not move unjustly. I will not change the spiritual laws just because of your situation." The covenant makes it legal for God to act.

Take Legal Action!

Now watch this. Satan is called the accuser of the brethren and the adversary. In the Greek, the word for adversary refers to someone who brings a lawsuit against you—and that's what the enemy is doing. He's constantly bringing accusations against you.

But when you repent, it's a legal action. Even the Greek word for repent is a legal term, not an emotional one. Repenting puts a gag order on the accuser. It's the legal thing to do so that God can back His Covenant with us.

Matthew 12:37 (KJV) says, "For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned." These are legal words. Everything's legal.

God isn't the condemning judge. He's the just Judge. He's the judge you want! Go to His courtroom. Use the power of repentance! Put a gag order on the enemy and stop him completely. Then declare and decree what is yours in the Covenant. Then use your authority against whatever has come against you. Then God can back His Covenant!

[Editor's Note: This article was adapted from Chip Brim's message at A Call to Arms 2016 Men's Conference. ]



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