Five Attacks on Every Man’s Soul

Gilson LacerdaOctober/November 2023 WOFLeave a Comment

Jesus was tempted in every way we are, yet He didn’t sin (Heb. 4:15). Before the Holy Spirit led Him … Read More

Call to Arms 2022: Destined to Win

Rhema TeamFebruary/March 2023, Speaker HighlightLeave a Comment

ON NOVEMBER 3–4, men from different walks of life gathered on the Rhema USA campus to be encouraged and inspired … Read More

Live the Love

Rhema TeamFebruary/March 2017 WOFLeave a Comment

SOME MARRIAGES are in desperate situations. No matter what a couple is going through, God can make any mess beautiful. My … Read More

Covenant – Minded Champions

Rhema TeamSeptember 2017 WOFLeave a Comment

JUST FOR FUN, I was thinking about who I would have drafted if I coached in the biblical days. I’d take … Read More