A Mother’s Influence

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For many of us, Mother's Day is a wonderful celebration. For others, it can bring sadness or pain. Maybe your mother is not here on earth with you, or perhaps you don't have the best relationship with your mother. Regardless of our situations, we can all say that our mothers gave us life. And that is something to be thankful for! Let's honor and appreciate our moms and mother figures in our lives—whether by word or memory. They influence us like no one else!

Mom-Influenced Miracle


Moms are very special people. If you watch sporting events, you'll see TV cameras capturing players and fans saying, "Hi, Mom!" Not that dads aren't important—there's just something special about moms.

It's interesting that Jesus' first miracle was because of His mom. At a wedding in Cana, the family ran out of wine—an embarrassment in that day. Jesus' mom brought it to His attention. He said it wasn't their problem to solve or His time for miracles. She didn't listen! She overrode Him and told the servants to do whatever Jesus said. (See John 2:1–11 NLT.)

Jesus' mom is the one who influenced Him even when He said His time had not yet come. If Jesus' mom had that much significance in His life, our moms are probably just as influential.

My Mom's Impact

I know my mom has a lot of influence on me! Every time she wants something, I do whatever I can to make it happen. Over the years, when I've told her we couldn't do something, she'd tell me there's a scripture that says we can. "For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength" (Phil. 4:13 NLT). As a result, her biggest influence is teaching me that I can.

The globe in the Rhema Church Auditorium is one project where I first said, "We can't." She wanted it to descend from the ceiling and slowly spin. At the time, no one had done anything like it. We checked with everyone we could think of including theme parks. But Mom said, "We can do it." I had to change and say, "Okay!" And we did!

My mom taught me it's not about me doing all things; it's about doing all things through Christ. She helped me learn to give things to Jesus—to let Him guide. Then God can give us the strength and ideas.

Your Mom-Spiration

Mothers are the inspiration for many testimonies. I don't know how many times I've heard people say, "Thank God for a praying mom!" Maybe you have one of those moms, but you haven't been the kind of person you need to be. Today might be a good day to make some changes in your life. Even if you and your mom don't have a good relationship, don't take her for granted. Take this opportunity to turn to God and ask Him to help.

Lessons of Love


Mothers teach us some of the most valuable lessons in life. I don't think my mom planned to teach me specific things. Half the time she probably didn't know I was watching! But she was one of the greatest teachers I ever had.

The first lesson my mother taught me was about love. There's nothing quite like a mother's love. No matter what a child does, a mother's love goes beyond that. Something happens in her heart—she will do anything for her child.

My mother graciously hosted a slumber party for my junior high cheerleading squad—15 girls—and made 15 penguins (our mascot). I was so excited! She is a very busy lady, but she stayed up late night after night sewing. I still have my penguin, and when I look at it, I don't see a stuffed animal—I see my mother's love.

My mother taught me about unselfish love—the God-kind of love. He gave the ultimate sacrifice for us when He gave His Son. Sometimes you have to give to your own hurt, but it is so important to love others as Christ loved us.

I watched when people hurt my mom. Time after time she forgave them. Growing up, I'd get mad and say, "Why do people do that?" She would smile and say, "Denise, we have to forgive as Christ forgave us. Unforgiveness just hurts us."

She modeled forgiveness, and it stayed with me! People will cause hurt, and it's easy to hold a grudge. But I always hear my mother's voice saying, "No sweetie, you have to forgive." My mom is probably the most forgiving person I know.

Mom was patient and listened to what I had to say. She practiced James 1:19: "be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry" (NLT). She had many opportunities to be impatient, upset, yell, lose her cool, or say harsh words. Instead, she listened, and we worked it out.

Patience with others can be a hard lesson to learn. Growing up in a minister's home, I had to share my parents. Everywhere we went, people wanted to talk. Mom would say, "Denise, we have to be patient. That's what ministry is about—helping others and meeting their needs." Little did I know that I would need that lesson for a lifetime!

My mother taught me to be committed to the things of God. I watched her serve God, pray, use her faith, read her Bible, and I saw God come through time and again. She also made sure our family was committed to God. My brother and I would pretend we were asleep, thinking our parents wouldn't have the heart to wake us for church. It never worked—not one time! God was our priority. I am so thankful for that heritage.

In looking back, school didn't teach me what was most important—my mother did! The lessons I've learned have taken me through some of the hardest things in my life, and I am forever grateful.

A Prayer From Kenneth W. Hagin

Heavenly Father, thank You for every mother and the difference they have made. I pray they know Your blessings spiritually, physically, mentally, socially, and financially. If anyone has a broken heart today, I pray You would minister to that and lift them up. I honor them and pray they may be blessed, in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Even if you're not a mother, you can be like a mother to somebody in your life. You have the power to make a difference in lives all around you!



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