A Call to Arms 2023 Review

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sorted photos from the conference A call to Arms

MEN CAME FROM across the U.S. to be built up in the Lord at A Call to Arms 2023 Men’s Conference. Kenneth W. Hagin got his “preach” on and kicked off the conference with a rousing word of encouragement. From there, each message built upon the next. Men were challenged to be watchmen in their homes, urged to know God intimately, and prodded to push through difficult times and not give up. They left with a winner’s attitude, knowing how to position themselves for success.

Be sure to save the date for A Call to Arms 2024, November 7-8.

Post Up for Victory With Christ // Kenneth W. Hagin

Nothing is more powerful than the Name of Jesus. You can give me all the reasons why you think something is not possible. But I will tell you why the promises of God will always come to pass. They will never fail. YOUR SITUATION IS NOT TOO BIG FOR GOD. YOUR SITUATION IS NOT TOO BIG FOR THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. THE ENEMY CAN’T BRING ANYTHING TO YOU THAT THE POWER OF GOD INSIDE YOU CAN’T OVERCOME.

If you’re tired and weak, God will give you strength. If you’re confused, He’ll give you guidance. If you’re broke, He’ll give you money. If you’re sick, He’ll give you health. If you feel like you can’t hold on any longer, God will hold your hand. If you’re all alone, He says, “I am with you.” If you’re facing rejection, He says, “I am beside you.” When everything is against you and it looks like it’s all gone, He says, “I am still here.” When it looks impossible, He says, “It’s possible. Just believe me.”

It’s time to turn to the great power of the Holy Spirit and let it loose in your life and position yourself to win. Realize that WHEN YOU OPEN GOD’S WORD, YOU ARE STANDING ON THE PRECIPICE OF THE GREATEST VICTORY YOU CAN EVER HAVE. NOTHING IS GREATER THAN GOD’S WORD. When you get in the Word, you position yourself to win. You post yourself up in a position to win.

The Attitude of a Winner  // Craig W. Hagin

Winners and losers have different mindsets. Winners act and walk differently than losers. Winners always expect to win. As Christians, we need to have a winning attitude every day. We need to understand that we are the champions; we are not the underdogs. The reason we’re champions is the greater One lives in us. Some of us struggle with this because we have a losing mentality. Our attitude is supposed to change when we become a Christian. We talk about renewing our minds, but we don’t renew our attitudes.

TO POSITION OURSELVES FOR VICTORY, WE MUST CHANGE OUR ATTITUDE. We have to think like Jesus thinks. He doesn’t think like a loser. We must put on the thoughts of God and let the Greater One come out. We have the capacity to be victorious. But we let the smack talker—the devil—overcome us because we see ourselves as the underdog.

THE BIBLE SAYS YOU’VE ALREADY WON THE VICTORY THROUGH CHRIST. The only thing that can defeat you is your mentality. But when you read the Word, you will see how victorious you are. It stirs up something on the inside, and you will act differently. So instead of having a losing attitude, have the attitude of a winner. YOU ARE GOING TO WIN THIS BATTLE. YOU WILL MAKE IT. IT MAY GET WINDY AND IT MAY GET ROUGH, BUT YOU WILL WIN.

“God placed Adam in the garden to watch over it—to guard and protect it. WHEN YOU’VE BEEN GIVEN A FAMILY, YOU HAVE A JOB TO WATCH OVER IT—TO BE A WATCHMAN WHO’S PAYING ATTENTION. Are you paying attention when the devil attacks your home? Are you paying attention when things come at your kids? Is there a disconnect between mom, dad, and the kids? That disconnect is there because you’ve stopped paying attention to what your kids are interested in. IF WE’RE NOT CAREFUL, WE GIVE UP TERRITORY AND ALLOW THE DEVIL TO ADVANCE IN AREAS HE OUGHT NOT TO HAVE PERMISSION.” // Bob Keich

“This journey of life is not necessarily easy. There are a lot of bumps in the road. And the devil will make it extremely difficult at times and bring tests, trials, and tribulations your way. He wants to get you to a place where you say, ‘This is far enough.’ I’m here with a message for all of us—YOU’VE COME TOO FAR TO COME THIS FAR. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? IT’S NOT TIME TO GIVE UP. IF YOU’RE NOT DEAD, YOU’RE NOT DONE. GOD HAS MORE IN STORE FOR YOU.”  // Tony Umber

“What’s missing in many of our lives? We’ve been satisfied with the accumulation of information and have never pressed in to get to know God. We have teachings. You can go to YouTube and listen to anyone, and I love that. But WHAT’S MISSING IN MANY OF OUR LIVES IS INTIMACY WITH THE FATHER. WE HAVE TO STOP BEING SATISFIED WITH ONLY BEING FAMILIAR WITH GOD. GET QUIET BEFORE THE LORD AND GET TO TRULY KNOW HIM. Many of us know the Word of God, but until we know the God of the Word, we risk becoming pharisaical in our walk.” // Jerry Weinzierl

“There’s something to be said about somebody who won’t quit. If you’re called to ministry, there will be moments where you want to quit. THERE COMES A POINT WHERE YOU HAVE TO BE TOUGH ENOUGH TO PUSH THROUGH THE HARD TIMES. Anything in life that’s worth having will be hard. The calling God placed in you is for a reason. There is so much more in you than you realize. I believe you are one discipline away from overcoming a barrier. You just have to push through. THE JOURNEY IS HARD, BUT IT’S WORTH IT.” // JUSTIN WIEGAND

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