4 Ways to Avoid Stress

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Lynette Hagin

When I think of Christmas, it's easy for me to wonder how I will get everything done. When your schedule is hectic and you are overworked and sleep deprived, it's easy to become cranky and stressed out. Instead of enjoying the holiday celebrations, you wish they were over.

I realized stress was causing me not to enjoy Christmas. So I did something about it. An attitude adjustment was all it took to go from stressed to blessed!

Constantly thinking about the negative instead of the positive affects your attitude. If you are experiencing any kind of stress, attack every situation with the right attitude. I guarantee that your right attitude will become a reality for you. Here are four steps that will put you on the path to living a stress-free life.

1. Rejoice in the Lord. Philippians 4:4 (NIV) tells us to, "Rejoice in the Lord always." When Paul wrote this passage, he was in prison and had a marvelous opportunity to worry. He rejoiced, however, because he trusted the Lord to work everything out for good. Know that God will give you wisdom and show you what to do in every situation.

2. Develop a Stress-Free Attitude. It's easy to become stressed in today's world. But when you give your requests to God, you don't have to be anxious. (See Phil. 4:6.) The Word promises that He will take care of it all! When you are tempted to become stressed, look to the scriptures.

I quote Psalm 91 nearly every day. It says, "Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty" (Ps. 91:1 NLT). The Amplified Bible adds, "Whose power no enemy can withstand." If you rest in the power of the Almighty—in His shelter—nothing can come against you! You can say goodbye to stress when you trust in Him.

3. Develop a Lifestyle of Prayer. Have you ever heard people say, "Well, I did everything possible, and then I just had to pray"? Hello! Pray first! A lifestyle of prayer is key to breaking stress off your life. Your prayer doesn't have to be elegant. When I pray, I simply say, "God, I have a problem, I need You to help me."

The Lord will give you the answers you need. He wants to help you with every detail of your life. But you have to ask Him for help. (See John 16:24.) God hears your request, and when you replace stressful thoughts with prayer, your joy will be full!

4. Cast Your Cares. Finally, if you want to live an anxiety-free life, casting your cares on the Lord is necessary. First Peter 5:7 says to cast all your cares on the Lord—not just a part of them. God wants you to live a stress-free, peaceful, and joyful life. But to live that kind of life you have to learn to cast your cares.

Learning to cast your cares on the Lord is similar to learning how to cast a fishing line. The first time you throw your concerns on God, it may be a total catastrophe! You may feel as though you're getting the fishhooks snagged in your hair. But keep on casting. The more you give your cares to the Lord, the more you will experience His peace.

Satan loves to get you so entangled in the cares of life that you no longer concentrate on your Heavenly Father's business. But you can break the stress habit and rise to the level God has destined for you. You can experience His joy in every area of your life!


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7 Comments on “4 Ways to Avoid Stress”

    1. Hi Jolly,

      We are glad you enjoyed this article. Have a blessed Christmas season!


      -The Rhema Team

      1. Hi Linda,

        We are so glad you enjoyed this article. Have a blessed Christmas!


        -The Rhema Team

    1. Hi Mae,

      It does take practice, but with God you can do anything! Have a blessed Christmas!


      -The Rhema Team

  1. Just today, I began to bring up “a care” from many years ago that caused great pain, hurt and loss in my life. A particular movie I watched resurrected that “care.” Lynette, your four points were the answer I needed, today. Thank you! God does have the answer for me/us, if we will do what his Word says to do. If anyone had a reason to be stressed or worry, it was Paul. Thank God for His Word. It always causes us to triumph!

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