Catching Christmas

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Kenneth W. Hagin

"Have you caught the Christmas spirit yet?" We often hear that question asked during this time of year. If the weather is too warm, however, some people can't seem to get into the holiday excitement. Those who live in the north often say it doesn't feel like Christmas without cold temperatures and snow on the ground.

Other people just love this time of year. They get excited about anything Christmas—the preparations, decorations, and music—and the buying and opening of gifts. But once it's over, they can experience an emotional letdown. It leaves them asking, "Is this all there is?"

Catching the Christmas spirit isn't a once a year feeling that depends on the weather, decorations, or gift exchanges. It is an attitude we should have every day!

Here are three ways to maintain the spirit of Christmas throughout the year.

1. Share it. Jesus was born to save humanity. It's your responsibility to share this revelation with the people you meet. You might think everyone already knows who Jesus is and why He came. But to many, the Christmas holiday is about parties, bonuses, family gatherings, and gifts. That's why they suffer the post-Christmas blues. They don't know the hope, joy, and love the holiday brings because they don't know Christ.

Christmas is about Jesus. The festivities surrounding the holiday are in celebration of our Savior—the greatest gift given to mankind. And the world needs to know that! So catch Christmas and share the good news all year.

2. Live it daily. Don't pack away your Christmas spirit when the decorations are put in the attic! Live according to the joy of the season all year long. It seems the closer you get to the holiday, the more the spirit of giving, love, and joy wells up in you. However, the attitude of Christmas should be just as prevalent on August 25 as it is on December 25.

It's not always easy to keep these attitudes alive in your heart 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. But with commitment and practicing it daily, it can be done. Look for opportunities to give, share, and love every day.

3. Pay the price. Stores don't give away their products. Attached to every Christmas gift is a price tag. There's also a cost to follow Jesus and that is doing whatever God asks of you. Unless you willingly do so, you won't enjoy the abundant life promised in John 10:10.

Following Christ requires time, commitment, involvement, and being inconvenienced occasionally. It may not always be exciting. But your price is small compared to the blessing you receive serving and obeying God.


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