The #1 Reason People Choose Rhema

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With so many accessible Bible colleges, finding the right school may seem daunting. We know that selecting the ideal college is essential. With so many options to choose from, we asked students, why Rhema?

The reasons were wide-ranging:

Recommended by their pastor or a Rhema alumni

Affordable tuition

Programs offered fit what they were looking for

Convenient fall and spring enrollment options

Rhema’s worldwide impact and legacy

But the number one reason students gave for choosing Rhema over other schools was . . . “To be trained to fulfill what God has called them to do.” They believed the practical and spiritual training Rhema provides is incomparable. And we agree. It’s our specialty!

Preparing You for Purpose

At Rhema, we understand what it’s like to want more of God and be prepared for His plan. Over the past 45 years, almost 85,000 men and women worldwide have been trained to find and fulfill God’s plan. We want to help you discover God’s plan so that your life makes a difference in the world.

Ready to make a difference?

Apply for spring enrollment by December 15. Classes start on January 10.


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