The Chosen Ones

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RHEMA BIBLE TRAINING College graduated its 48th class on Friday, May 13. Nicknamed “The Chosen Ones,” the 253 graduates entered the Rhema Bible Church Auditorium to a rousing standing ovation from those in attendance. The moment capped off several years of preparation for God’s call on their lives. They now join over 110,000 Rhema alumni worldwide as they enter the earth’s harvest fields and run their race for the Lord.

Rev. Mark Bintliff, pastor of New Creation Church in Glenwood Springs, Colorado and a 1982 RBTC graduate, delivered the commencement address. Rev. Bintliff reminded the students that God has prepared them for this time, this hour, and this generation.

I want to talk about the faithfulness of God. You have learned about faith, but our faith in God has to do with His faithfulness. In Philippians 1:6, Paul tells us that God will be faithful to complete the work He began in you. God is a good finisher. He will perform whatever He has promised you. If He started it, He will finish it.

God has been preparing you for what He has prepared for you. He has been at work preparing you over the last few years at Rhema. He wants you to occupy the places He has prepared for you instead of those places occupying you.

The world is filled with much darkness and difficulty. But God has put in you what you need to face whatever tomorrow may bring. You have been made ready for this time and season—for this generation. God has prepared you for:

    “God is calling you to those who are wounded, lost, and hurting. You will go to places where people have been broken by life.”
    1. New Places.

    God has prepared you to confidently go into places with His Word and the power of the Holy Spirit. People will try to discourage you. They will tell you that certain places are dry, dark, and “hard ground.” But that’s why God sent you! You are the light of the world. He sent you to start an outpouring of the Spirit to wet the land. Wherever God calls you, He will be faithful to you. No matter what it looks like, be confident that He is with you wherever you go.

    1. New People.

    God has prepared you for new people. Ministry is about people. Isaiah 52:7 says, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.” Your feet are beautiful because they carry you to people who need what you have.

    God is calling you to those who are wounded, lost, and hurting. You will go to places where people have been broken by life. They are groping in the darkness and don’t know what to do. But God has prepared you to approach every person with His love. When you reach out to people with compassion, you open up avenues for God’s supernatural power to make them whole. Rhema has prepared you to change their lives.

    1. New Positions.

    God has given you feet like a deer to maneuver through life with skill. (See Psalm 18:33.) He has been preparing you to live above your circumstances and rise to new heights. God is bringing a new thing to this generation that goes beyond pulpit ministry. Some of you are called into places of business, education, and government. The Lord will place you in positions of influence to minister to people who otherwise might not be ministered to.

    God is calling you to rise up. The Church has a greater and new influence upon it. Keep your focus on the prize. Don’t look to the right hand or to the left. Keep your focus on Jesus, Who is the author and finisher of your faith.

    As commencement ended, graduates walked out of the auditorium holding a lit candle in one hand and a baton in the other. Each baton bore the inscription: “I commit today to carry the baton of revival to this generation. I will carry the banner of faith and God’s power to a lost and dying world. This is my time to do all God has called me to do!”

    Get ready, world—Rhema’s class of 2022 is coming to you!

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