The Choice is Yours

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It’s crucial that we guard against being problem-conscious instead of spirit-conscious. When we are problem-conscious, we will criticize and condemn everything we look at and think about. Everything we see will be negative. On the other hand, if we stop focusing on our problems and focus on Jesus, the way we view our problems will change. Our imperfections and negativism will fade away when we get our focus off of problems and onto the Problem Solver.

Jesus is the Answer, and He has put His Spirit in us. That means our answer is right in front of us and living inside us. All the power of God is at our disposal if we will just take our eyes off the problem and praise Him for what He is doing and is about to do in our lives!

In Acts chapter 16 we see that Paul and Silas had a big problem. An entire town wanted them dead, they were in severe pain from being beaten, and their hands and feet were in stocks in a dark dungeon. Because they were more conscious of their God than they were of their problem, they began to sing praises at midnight (v. 25). They probably didn’t feel like doing that, but they chose to do it. They understood that when we praise God, His power and presence are released to solve the problem. And not only were they delivered, but God brought about the salvation of many people.

The choice is ours. Will we be overwhelmed by our problems? Or will we be overwhelmed by God? If we will become spirit-conscious instead of problem-conscious, we will be inspired and re-fired, and our faith will release God’s delivering power.

PS. Happy Fourth of July! As we approach Independence Day in the United States, take a moment to pray for our nation, and thank God for all He has done for our country.



Kenneth W. Hagin

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